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Formula guide

Jojoba base

Our jojoba bases are expertly crafted using premium mica crystals and jojoba esters. The mica adds natural illumination to your skin, while the jojoba esters have a buttery yet light texture, making these bases completely unique. Provides full and even coverage, while giving your skin a natural glow look. Ideal for normal to thirsty skin.

Semi-matte base

Our semi-matte bases are as soft as silk! These bases have a satin finish and provide full coverage, while giving skin just a slight seductive sheen.

Matte base

Ideal for all skin types, our Matte Bases completely conceal unwanted glossiness, and keep your complexion looking totally refreshed. Our minerals allow for buildable coverage to keep your complexion shine-free, pure, and beautiful.

Skin type info


Skin feels & appears dry. Flaking of the skin is very common. Skin is dry and irritates easily.

Recommended Base: Jojoba.

Makeup Tip: When choosing your base, you never want to change the color of your face. You, my friend, are wonderfully made- skin tone and all! When looking at a spectrum of beautiful colors (which can get overwhelming), always choose a color or colors that are visibly closest to the natural tone of your skin.


Skin typically looks shiny and tends to have larger pores. More prone to acne breakouts.

Recommended Base: Matte.

Makeup tip: Complete your makeup look by applying Finishing Dust to reduce shine.


Skin feels & appears supple and vibrant. No excess oil. Looks clean & smooth. Normal skin is the least problematic.

Recommended Base: JoJoba, Matte & Semi-Matte.

Makeup tip: Prep your skin by applying one of our Primers before your base application.


(Most common) Skin has both dry and oily spots. Oily areas tend to be on the forehead and nose (T-ZONE). Dryness is usually located on the cheeks and around the eyes.

Recommended Base: Matte and Jojoba.

Makeup tip: Use less mineral powder than usual, gradually add more if you feel you need more coverage, then blend.

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