Angled Flat Top Brush

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At Everyday Minerals, we’re fiercely fur free! We don’t believe that fur should ever be used to make finely crafted makeup brushes… it’s just not necessary. Our feel-them-to-believe-it synthetic bristles put fur to shame, they’re just as soft (if not softer!) than fur plus they’re awesomely animal friendly.
We also don’t believe in the deforestation of trees to make the wooden handles of makeup brushes… bamboo all the way! This naturally renewable resource is our go-to for all of our brushes; sustainable and easy to use, just the way it should be!

6.5 Inches long, 3.25" ferrule to tip.

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The perfectly flat and angled shape of this brush's bristles are unequivocal to any other when it comes to getting a precise and perfect airbrushed look. Our mineral bases and powders glide on in a smooth layer, leaving no visible edges or lines on your face. The super long handle makes it easy to grip, allowing you to easily make your features look flawless. Like all our products, our brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty free! Each brush handle is made from 100% renewable bamboo and our synthetic brush bristles are dense and plush, making them perfect for mineral application.
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