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How To Use Primer Effectively for Flawless Skin All Day

How To Use Primer Effectively for Flawless Skin All Day

Have you ever heard of primer? It's a secret weapon in the makeup world that not many people know about. A lot of women skip it because they think it's not necessary, but it actually plays a key role in achieving a fully-finished makeup look. Primer is the first step after applying moisturizer, and it helps smooth out your skin's color and texture, making it soft, even, and ready for the rest of your makeup.

Everyday Minerals offer loose powder primers in six different colors to match various skin tones. The tricky part is selecting the right shade for your skin, but our guide can help you with that. Our Brown Primer is great for tan to deep complexions, while our Peach Primer cancels out hyperpigmentation and brings warmth to medium to tan skin. Our Pink Primer adds warmth to your complexion and counteracts sallow undertones, while our Rose Primer creates a luminous glow in light to tan skin. Our White Primer brightens and evens out dull or ruddy skin, and our Yellow Primer tones down redness and covers dark circles on both light and dark complexions.


Now, onto some tips for using our primers. First, when applying, use a circular motion with your brush into the lid of the jar, and tap off the excess before touching it to your face to ensure even coverage. If you're unsure about a shade, go a shade lighter than you think, as darker shades can be trickier to pull off. Apply primer before any other product, including your foundation shade, but after moisturizer if your skin is dry. For maximum coverage, try our Extraordinary Flat Top Brush, and for lighter coverage, opt for our Blender Face Brush. Lastly, while you don't have to blend the primer into your neck, it's better to do so for special occasions where cameras will be present. Bonus tip, try taking a selfie with flash to check for white casts! Better safe than sorry, right?

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