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Ballerina Look: Blush On Eyes

Ballerina Look: Blush On Eyes

Let's talk about some creative ideas for makeup. Have you ever thought about using blush on your eyes? It might seem unusual, but it can be done successfully. The key is to choose a shade that you love and feel confident in, because feeling good in what you wear is important. If you want to try a bright, bold color, there are a few tips to keep in mind: make sure you know what you're wearing, apply it in natural lighting, blend well, and most importantly, feel amazing wearing it.


Now, let's talk about some specific recommendations. If you work in a professional environment, it's best to avoid wearing anything too bold or startling to the office. Instead, inspire your co-workers with a more subtle look. Good Morning or Already There Luminous Blush are suitable shades for a day at work. If you're someone who loves to make a statement with their makeup, go for shades like Crimson & Clover or Laughter Afterwards Luminous Blush. If you prefer a more minimalistic style, try the "No Makeup" Makeup Look with shades like You Sand Me or Sheer Honesty Luminous Blush. The best thing about Everyday Minerals blush is that each shade is buildable, and with the right amount and blending, your perfect makeup is just a stroke away! So don't be shy, blend, blend, and blend those harsh lines away.


For a night out, whether it's a girls' night out or a date, our blushes can make you look and feel sexy. Try shades like I'm Taken or A Whole Lotta Warmth Luminous Blush for these occasions. Which shades will you try on your eyes? Let us know in the comments below!

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