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Everyday Minerals Loose Powder Foundation Base Techniques: Must-Try Makeup Hacks

Everyday Minerals Loose Powder Foundation Base Techniques: Must-Try Makeup Hacks

If the term 'foundation' instantly brings images of liquid formulas to your mind—perhaps a matte finish for everyday use or a light-coverage formula for those natural, barely-there makeup days—then you're overlooking an entire category of foundation that boasts versatility like no other—powder foundation, specifically the Everyday Minerals Loose Powder Foundations.

From serving as a primary foundation to doubling up as a setting powder or even a mattifying agent, powder foundation consistently delivers stellar results. ICMYI, we also have amazing Finishing Dusts in four shades. We've curated some of our top tips and tricks for using your mineral powder foundation effectively. So, grab your Everyday Minerals Loose Powder Foundation Base and let's explore these techniques together.



Mattify Those T-Zones

While we offer Everyday Minerals Matte Base, you may want to add a little more powder on your T-zone for that *extra* matte look especially for warmer months. You may want to use a sponge, we recommend Everyday Minerals Blur Blending Sponge! and tap the powder over your T Zone. Pro tip: Use the pointed tip for that hard to reach areas like the sides and under your nostrils.

Added Ooomph to Concealing Your Dark Circles

When concealing dark circles, we recommend using Everyday Minerals Color Correctors and Concealers. But if you want to have that extra coverage, you can set your under eye concealer using your Everyday Minerals Powder Foundation, and blend, blend, blend. You'll look as if you've had more than eight hours of sleep!

Using as a Contour or Bronzer

While Everyday Minerals have some awesome bronzers, sometimes, accidents happen that we tend to buy foundation shades darker than our shade. Instead of throwing it out or giving it away, you can use it as a contour or bronzer! You can use your ultra soft and dense Eco Botan Artisan Kabuki Brush to bronze, or your favorite Itahake Brush or Angled Flat Top Brush to seamlessly use the darker foundation as contouring powder. Blending carefully can give you a natural, "snatched" look that is one of the major trends today.

Too Much Blush?

Dust over the area with your Everyday Minerals Loose Powder Foundation Base to tone down the redness/pinkish/brownish on your cheeks. Use a light hand when dusting off the powder, gradually increasing the powder foundation on the brush as needed. Doing so will save you more time than erasing the blush with makeup remover, which will cause streaks, and worse, erase even the concealer and foundation under the blush!

Loose Powder as Lash Primer

Pump up the volume of your lashes by sprinkling a small amount of the loose powder foundation in between two coats of your favorite mascara. This hack will give volume to your lashes by bulking up the strands. Make sure that the first coat of your mascara is still wet so that the loose powder will stick before applying the final coat.

There you have it! You can use your Everyday Minerals Loose Powder Foundation Base in more ways than it is actually formulated. Talk about real value for money! Stock up on your Everyday Minerals Loose Powder Foundation Base now.




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