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Writing For Yourself Today

Writing For Yourself Today
The days of expressing our inner thoughts, opinions, & making known our voice are relentlessly among us. We really do have astonishing power at our fingertips to evoke emotion, and even make an impact, toward others, and ourselves. This is not a new habit in our era. Sure, social media has changed everything, inside and out. But, are we writing for ourselves or are we writing out of the desperation to be heard, and approved by someone? imageduex What are we saying? Realizing the root of your urgency to have a say in anything or display something as simple as what’s going on in your day - #OOTD or Michael just lost his first tooth! - should be addressed before continuing down the road of social norm today. For example, asking obvious questions like - am I content with my life? am I trying to get back at someone in the past? am I bringing anything in return by doing this? - is detriment to getting your mind on the right track.imagetrois Without reading too far into it, you will know what your true intentions are. Now, is there shame in trying to get back at someone? Can you turn around your grounded intentions up until this point? Of course… Writing with a set list of goals in mind will put you directly on the path to happiness. OK, that sounds cheesy enough. Just understand that there is a difference between writing out of honesty, from a positive mind, and writing out of a multitude of other reasons we all conjure up. imagequatre Setting aside a thick space in an old notebook, or investing in a too-pretty-to-pass-up journal is an all-too-familiar way to get into writing, but not such a go-to if you’re already in your phone or computer 24/7. So why bother to give this a go? When you write in a journal, or more personally, “diary” you write aware that you are the only one who is carefully browsing your words. It’s a private dedication of thoughts, emotions, daily activities that you experience. It’s raw and honest. Nothing more than the neatness of your writing is crossing your mind as a concern… Or maybe you don’t even care about how messy your handwriting is. All that matters is the truth vibrating through the squiggly lines. You’re reaping the benefits of writing for yourself. imagecinq Tips On Writing For the Right Reasons, With You In Mind: #1 Think before you post. This is a no-brainer, but sometimes we forget to even do this. #2 Be in a good mood. Just do it. Be your best self. #3 Have style. What’s your “thing”? Simply put. #4 Focus on positives. There is upside and a downside to lingering on the negatives of life… Bring in products with inspiring titles into your everyday routine to remind you of the very best in life. You create the environment. You write your story. Inspire Tinted Lip Balm Affection Tinted Lip Balm Smile Tinted Lip Balm Laugh Tinted Lip Balm Winner’s Circle Luminous Blush Good Morning Luminous Blush Sheer Honesty Luminous Blush Laughter Afterwards Luminous Blush

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