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The Benefits Of Using A Finishing Powder

The Benefits Of Using A Finishing Powder
With invites and RSVP's in full swing, our makeup routine seems to carry extra steps and with it more time spent in the bathroom getting ready - it's holiday season. Every good makeup artist knows to keep a full-face "on" for long hours - through hugs, glasses of wine by the fireplace, laughs, and tears of reuniting joy - a quality powder is the answer. Primer is a MUST, but even less are aware of the other "powder" we know is a necessity to every advent attenders purse. The Finishing Dust. A light dusting of this weightless miracle not only assists with setting your makeup, but also gives somewhat of a filler to fine lines and aids a smooth complexion. And, as the days events wear on, it works in your favor to fight that pesky shine due to an abundance of oil production in the skin, keeping your look as fresh as you arrived. So what is Finishing Dust? Finishing Dust is a loose powder that is much finer, lighter, and silkier than a pressed powder would be. A compact is handy, but if you know how to wield our Blender Face Brush with a few swipes along the areas of your face that receive the most sebum production, you can do anything in the world of fixing up a complexion. You'll thank us later. Loose powder has a finer texture and gives a much more smooth finish to your look. Nearly all the makeup artists we love prefer a loose powder to create the perfect finish. Finishing Dust by Everyday Minerals

How to Apply Finishing Dust

To make sure the heat doesn’t mess with your look, here’s how to achieve a flawless finish:

Choose a shade to match your complexion

Finishing dust is very sheer so it won’t interfere with your completed makeup. Still, you want a shade that’s close to your true skin tone. Everyday Minerals has four shades, from Sunlight to Bronzed, matching all complexions.

Use AFTER all your other makeup

When your face is fixed up all lovely, just the way you like it, a feather-light application of finishing dust will keep it that way, as well as softening the appearance of your skin and blocking out shine.

Apply with a light hand

  1. Choose a wide, soft brush, such as the Everyday Minerals Blender Face Brush, Angled Kabuki Brush, or Long Handled Kabuki Brush. Dense, plush fibers and a broad shape are perfect for distributing powder smoothly.
  2. Sprinkle a small amount of powder into the lid.
  3. Lightly dip brush to pick up the powder, then swirl the brush around in the lid to evenly distribute the finishing dust throughout the brush.
  4. With light sweeping and circular motions, brush the dust evenly from the center of your face outward to cover entire face and neck.

Admire your look

Velvety smooth, shine free, and cool as a cucumber, all day! Everyone wants a glow, but nobody wants an oily shine. Finishing dust does just what you want, banishing oil and giving your complexion a soft-focus, perfect finish with no added weight. Add it to your makeup routine and you’ll be sitting pretty, all year long.

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