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Which Products Are Highly Rated For Oily Skin?

Which Products Are Highly Rated For Oily Skin?
Those closest to me know too well that one of my biggest battles (still ongoing) has been maintaining my skin's natural tendency to flare up. Having oily skin my entire life has been a struggle, but I'm so thankful for it because had my skin been any different, I might not have paid nearly as much attention to what I put on it and, of course, what I put into my body - which directly affects my skin's #MOOD. Although I haven't found the perfect regimen for my unique skin, I have discovered products that work for me. Yes, the nature of my skin is still fairly unpredictable, however with these products I have a way better handle on how my skin will glow that day. Let's get to it! THE GLOW BY JEFFREY JAMES BOTANICALS jeffrey-james-botanicals-the-glow-organic-everyday_naturals-everyday-minerals This is my absolute favorite MUST-HAVE skincare "oil". Now the thought of adding oil to already oily skin may seem scary, with its key ingredients being Sea Buckthorn Oil (plenty of vitamin E), Hemp Seed Oil (anti-inflammatory), and Jojoba Oil (resembles your natural sebum which balances your skin instead of sending it into overdrive), however I actually love using this as a moisturizer. Apply only a 2-3 drops, as a little goes a long way with this one! NOT A SPOT ACNE TREATMENT MASK BY PLANT APOTHECARY
CLAY & CHARCOAL are the buzz words for oily skin. This mask is simple, but so powerful in delivering results. Try it. My rec is applying it for 15 minutes, 2-3 times a week. ORGANIC WITCH HAZEL BY HUMPHREY'S HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY
A great way to remove any impurities or buildup from the skin in a simple swipe of a hand. I use organic cotton balls to go along with this organic skin-saving potion. INCREDIBLY CLEAR CHARCOAL LEMONADE FACIAL SCRUB BY ACURE ic-charcoal-lemonade-facial-scrub-front_813424021403_4_2_19 Yep, there's that word again. Detoxifying charcoal. It's mandatory to keep a check on potentially clogged pores. I find this product to be my scrub-of-choice, and have it accompany me into the shower 4x a week. INCREDIBLY CLEAR CHARCOAL LEMONADE CLEANSING CLAY BY ACURE ic-charcoal-lemonade-cleansing-clay-front_813424021380_4_2_19 THE. PERFECT. DAILY. WASH. EVERYDAY MINERALS FINISHING POWDERS
Always have two on hand, the full-size on my vanity and the baby travel-size in my purse for touch-ups. It's the only way to finish a makeup look with skin having a mind of its own. I hope this was helpful! Have you tried any of these products yet? Is there one I didn't include that you use for your skin? Xo, Miss EM

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