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What Clean Beauty Means to Everyday Minerals

What Clean Beauty Means to Everyday Minerals
The world itself is an infinite beauty. Hers is a charm adorned by what once used to be clear waters; drifting across rivers, lakes and oceans. She is wrapped in the arms of trees and colorful flowers – which once were in full bloom. She was serenaded by the lullabies and roars of animals sounds – but these beautiful melodies are slowly fading away. As we continue to ascend towards progress, she pays for it. Slowly, but surely, her beauty starts to wear away. Most of the time, she’s almost defenseless against the odds of circumstances. Let us take care of her the way she has taken care our kind for thousands of years. When we think of beauty, we encourage you beautiful souls out there, to think of our planet. Let’s put a conscious effort towards the way we live our lives, the way we consume and the way we contribute. With our collective efforts, we are creating positive impact for our planet. At Everyday Minerals, it is (and will always be), our brand ethic to create products that were never tested on animals nor contain exhaustive lists of unnecessary ingredients that could harm the planet. We want everyone to have cosmetics that are not only safe to them but also to our planet. 

Taking care of our world is a commitment and a moral compass for us at Everyday Minerals. As a brand, we stand against animal testing and we continue to support sustainability causes. Everyday Minerals source the finest ingredients from organizations, farmers and individuals who have the same agenda to take care of our dear Earth. As individuals and consumers, let us support local farmers, providers and businesses who contribute to make our planet better. We encourage you to Recycle Your Empties with us. Send your jars back to us and get a free blush of your choice. Alternatively, we encourage you to use your empty cosmetic jars for mixing your shades or using them as a storage. This way, we help lessen waste thrown into landfills. Each product from Everyday Minerals is hand-crafted, purely inspired, vegan and vegetarian. And we will continue to put efforts towards sustainability, animal welfare and taking care of our planet. Let’s continue to nurture the beauty of our planet. Allow her to show her beauty for generations to come. Let's keep moving to a more beautiful, cruelty-free world.

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