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What Are the 5 Best In-Flight Body Products?

What Are the 5 Best In-Flight Body Products?

Long distance flights may be tough on your skin, whether going somewhere exotic for an exciting experience or flying somewhere for work. Giving yourself a mini spa treatment while flying is a great way to unwind and arrive at your destination looking and feeling rejuvenated.

So… Are you curious about what happens to your skin at 40,000 feet? Many things might happen in your body, triggering some changes in your skin. But rest assured, you don't need to worry about this or what state your complexion will be in once you arrive to your destination, because we’re here to explain what is happening and the best in-flight body products to combat any skin-stressors.

The most considerable factor, is the sun. When you are at cruising altitude, there is a much smaller atmosphere between it and you. Therefore, it is essential to use a facial sunscreen that is 3.4 ounces or less and a protective moisturizer that is also 3.4 ounces or less. We recommend Earth Harbor’s ECLIPSE Sheer Mineral Sunscreen, and Athar’a Pure’s Superfruit & Jasmine Antioxidant Face Cream.

Suppose you are not flying with someone who may be able to motivate you to put on makeup in the morning before your flight, then, applying makeup in the air to kickstart your day a step ahead may be a genius idea. Sounds like a bit of a struggle, right? I promise, it’s not that difficult. Be sure to wait until the aircraft is steady, and the pilot announces that you can actually get up to walk around. Then, head to the bathroom real quick for the swiftest makeup routine ever. Our go-to flight essentials in the makeup department are (1) your foundation shade, of course, (2) Polished All Over Shimmer - Mini (3) Already There Luminous Blush - Mini (4) Honeybee Gardens Volumizing Mascara (5) Poppy & Pout Wild Honey Lip Balm. Voila!

Another extremely important suggestion to offer, contrary to what most people believe, is that you should consume a great deal of water every time you are on a flight. We aren’t against a little extra electrolyte boost too, with the help of Cure Hydration’s Hydrating Electrolyte Mix blended into our water cup. But… with consuming a lot of water, be prepared to visit the restroom every so often, I know we don’t want to be THAT person, but it’s very important to relieve your body of toxins. 

Immediately after getting out of the restroom, you should apply a hand sanitizer too, as we never know what germs could be lurking! We love Erbaviva’s Lavender & Eucalyptus Hand Sanitizer, super travel-friendly and easily slips into most purses.

And for an overall more relaxing trip, we can’t say enough good things about Goldmine’s Immunity Supershroom Support! It’s absolutely incredible and works wonders on our mood, giving a sense of calm due to the complex blend of mushrooms.

Okay… I will admit that was MORE than 5 products, but there are too many good essentials you are better having than not on a flight to your next destination. Usually I would promote less over more, but with traveling it’s almost NEVER a bad idea to pack more than you might think you need!

Safe Travels,

xx, Eyrelan

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