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Wearing Makeup for Mature Skin

Wearing Makeup For Mature Skin
As we age, our skin matures but that doesn’t mean the beauty fades away. There are just a few regimen and routines that need changes. The core changes rely on finding makeup that works for your skin type, analyzing which shades match your skin tone and fine specific products that fit the areas that you want to define.

Choosing Your Base

Your makeup base may consist of products like primers, foundations and concealers. When choosing a primer, pick a color that enhances your natural complexion. Brown primers work well for tan to deep complexions while peach primers are ideal for concealing hyperpigmentation for those who have medium to tan skin tone. Pink and rose primers bring out the radiance for individuals who have fair skin. As for foundation – whether you are to use liquid or powder - keep an eye on the formulation of the product. Select oil-free foundations if you have oily skin, like our Matte Base. And go for creamy-type base, like our Jojoba Base if you have thirsty skin. When it comes to concealer, choose ones that won’t only hide the lines but also give a natural-looking coverage. They should also blend well with your complexion. Some type of concealers must be avoided in accordance to your skin type or concerns. If you have oily skin or large pores, then creamy or stick concealers won't be the right option as these add up more shine to your skin; furthermore. Matte-finish concealers tend to emphasize dryness. Still undecided on which concealer fits you best? Try our Complexion Power Kit, which contains the following concealers:
  • Multi-tasking Mineral Concealer: amazingly versatile, covering blemishes and dark circles.
Brighten Jojoba Color Corrector: light diffusing minerals beautifully camouflage dark circles.
Mint Jojoba Color Corrector: neutralizes the appearance of ruddiness and redness
You may use highlighter and illuminating makeup to shave off the fine lines. You can also hide saggy chin by contouring with a good matte bronzer along the neck and jawline.

Highlighting Your Eyes

Let your eyes shine and be the center of attention. Hide under eye imperfections with a good concealer. Go for light eyeshadows that bring out the best of your eye color. No liquid eyeliners. Instead, opt for our Mineral Eyeliners for a soft look. Mineral Eyeliners are best applied with our Double Perfect Eye-Shadow / Eyeliner Brush. Make the eyes pop by using highlighters on the inner corners of your lids. This trick will make your eyes look bolder and more vibrant, which in effect ease out the tiredness and dullness around the eye area. You can also use a good highlighter, like 7th Heaven Shimmer Eye Shadow for the eyebrows. Brush up a bit of highlighter under the entire eyebrow area and a little at the top of the arch to achieve a good lift for your eyes' definition. Remember to use highlighters that blend well will your skin tone. Curl the lashes or wear false lashes to give the eyes more lift.

Life for Your Lips and Cheeks

Ideally, you’ll want to keep everything natural and vibrant. So, for the lipstick, you can try our Tinted Lip Balms, which provide just enough color without being overly dramatic and dark. Think light and neutral. The same as the case for the cheeks – keep everything natural. Forget the pink blush and instead switch to soft bronzer, Lanai In The Sand Bronzer or a peach blush like our All Smiles Blush.

Keep a Beauty Ritual

As your skin matures, it is not just about good products but the way you take care of your skin - - more than you used to. Forget about the "trend" and stay with classic, flawlessness and natural beauty. Your skin evolves and so are its needs for nurture. It’s about enhancing what’s natural for you. That means you'll need less makeup and for a more natural gorgeousness you. The skin has to be well-hydrated and exfoliated. The basics: moisturize. Hydrate the skin. Before bed time, clean off your makeup. You can easily do it at home. In midday wear sunscreen or wear a hat/cap during midday. Makeup for aged skin

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