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The Necessity of a Face Brush

The Necessity of a Face Brush
When one thinks of a “face brush”, usually the thought is a tool that simply does that work of applying powder - whether blush, foundation, finishing powder, shimmer, etc. - to your face. If you think more closely into what a face brush is, and what it does, you just may start to be more appreciative for what these can do for us, and so often too. Think back to when you first started wearing makeup, for most of us this would be in our teen years. Finally we could attempt to look like the women we looked up to in movies, in books, or in real life. But maybe that’s not what got you started. Perhaps it was the dreaded acne that came upon you and caused you to go searching for a remedy or a coverup. Well, you probably didn’t wipe on powder concealer with your fingertips. A concealer brush came into the picture.
Concealer Brush Concealer Brush
Now think to when you first experimented with foundation, or as we call it here, base shades. Matte was probably what you started with. Again, you couldn’t have merely dusted this on with your fingers. Unless, of course, it was a creme base. So, naturally you picked up a brush and then applied the product. The point here is, what would we do without brushes?!? Just like a painter needs his brushes, everyone in the habit of putting on makeup, even if it’s quick, needs the proper tools on hand. Everyone will have their favorites because every face is unique, tastes differ, and every brush its own. One of CEO Carina’s favorites is the Blender Face Brush - essential for those looking for extremely light application.
Blender Face Brush Blender Face Brush
A best-selling fan favorite for several years now is the Flat Top Brush. It’s modern appeal promotes a sleek look, with dense, super-soft bristles giving even, thick yet natural-looking coverage.
Flat Top Brush Flat Top Brush
Never shy away from trying new brushes, it’s always worth keeping your trusty ones, but doing the research and broadening your mind to the different shapes and specific uses of certain brushes can widely enhance your usual everyday looks.

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