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The Lovely Cobalt Blue Color

The Lovely Cobalt Blue Color
Imagine a life of black and white. You can get a glimpse through films back in the early 1930’s or 40’s. Although there were stories to tell, the colors that were supposed to give life to those movies (just like what we have right now) was not there. Can you really imagine if we had to live a life in the uniformity of black and white? Thankfully we don't have to! Life in color is the opposite of boring, it’s a blessing if you think about it. Colors can make you appreciate the beauty of things in front you. They breathe life within each hue. Every color and their different pigments have their own special spotlight and cobalt blue has been an easy favorite for centuries. This shade screams prominence and pride. Cobalt blue’s compound form has silvery, bluish-gray metal ore. As for color, cobalt blue is deeper than sky blue and lighter than navy blue. The discovery of this pigment can be traced back to as far as the Middle Ages and has greatly been used since the nineteenth century. It was actually not until late 1803 when the color was commercially manufactured. Back then, it was a very expensive pigment that only rich and prominent artists or painters could get a hold of it. Cobalt blue is derived from its primary color, blue, which in psychology is a representation of trust and responsibility; hence, many shades of blue are used by big companies on their branding. In modern days now, cobalt blue has also been stably used in many industry such as paints and ceramics. Cobalt blue is sometimes tagged as Parrish, Thénards, or Dresden blue – yet, it’s all the same pigment in the palette. You can actually create your very own cobalt blue food color by boiling red cabbage in a water solution that has baking soda in it. The color cobalt blue seems to make anything look amazing. From glassware, to decorative bottles, dishes, clothes, potteries, shoes, and even headbands! Cobalt blue can also look great on clothing. This shade is vibrant and can flatter almost every skin tone - and not to mention that it looks good day or night. You can wear it from head to toe! Did you know that cobalt blue ladybugs, butterflies, and even tarantulas exist?! Yes, and a whole lot of other species from the ecosystem flaunt their cobalt blue colors too. Surprisingly, the cobalt blue tarantula is a shy creature, but, just like most spiders, they are ferocious lil’ creatures when it comes to being a predator. Colors themselves are worth being thankful for. The variation of greens in rolling pastures, the tone of blues in oceans and the sky, the opaque crystal clear waters in the river, the shimmering yellow, orange, red, and pink of every sunset and sunrise we admire – they all that add vivacity to our lives. And how about you? What’s your favorite color? How does that color make you feel? What does it remind you of? What would you miss about that color if it ceased to exist?

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