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Stress-Free You

Stress-free you
It’s tricky to stay in a positive mood and look radiant ALL the time. Actually, it’s not possible. Please don’t argue. You know it’s true. We hear about ways to keep down our moody acne, with laser treatments, top dollar products, and yeah most of them give results. But, what about our emotions? Our energy levels? And, aren’t there other ways to going about this? More affordable, and, more importantly, natural ways. Heck yes! For starters, a few questions should be raised. Here are some to ask yourself:
  • Are you under a lot of pressure from work?
  • Do you have kids?
  • Is your diet out of whack?
  • Are you not getting enough sleep?
  • Do you feel out of the loop with your closest friends?
These are all major promoters of stress. Don’t let it progress to emotional, physical, and visual chaos. There are simple daily remedies that are quite helpful to restoring the positive you. It just takes 100% you. #1 Seek comfort from those closest to you if you’re under a lot from work. We need comfort more often than we’d like to admit, so be a little vulnerable and receive it! #2 If you have young children, damn, you are currently going through a journey of ups and downs. Make the most out of this time! Sure, you may be tired, but the day will come when you look back and smile at just how wonderful the experience of raising mini people truly was. And…if you have teens, just love them! If you’re not having a good relationship with them, change it so that you are. If you raised them to this point, you can still have an impact. #3 What we intake is a huge factor in our lives. After all, most Americans eat 2-3 meals a day. Be wary of what you put into your body, it is extremely important. If you’re feeling constantly tired then try incorporating more veggies to raise your energy level up! Processed food is yummy, but too many potato chips can weigh you down. #4 Social media is a HUGE distraction in this era. Please get off your phone and go to sleep. Set an alarm that shouts GO TO SLEEP!!! Our resting hours should be a priority in our day-to-day living. If you can, mix in a nap during afternoons. #5 Friends are great for so many reasons. WE NEED THEM. Okay, maybe not everyone, but most of us do love life companions. If you’re feeling a distance between you and your closest friends, talk to them about it. Being open makes a world of a difference. If they don’t understand, well, FIND NEW FRIENDS. They’re out there, I promise. All in all, your level of stress is dependent on you. Yes, everyone has varying factors in their life that contribute, but you do have control to some extent. Hope this helps! Much Love.

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