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Stop Living Only For the Weekend

Stop Living Only For the Weekend
“Thank God it’s Friday” aka “TGIF!” is a common phrase that we’ve all heard at some point, or even have used ourselves. It’s ironic how life turns to be a “weekend” thing for many of us. We work the usual schedule and, really, there’s not much time left to live a stress-free life. Worse yet, you may only be able to say you are having a life over the weekend. Metaphorically speaking, the optimistic say that life must be lived in each second. If you have seen somebody who has this positive vibe at most time of their days, it’s not that their days are perfect. It’s just they choose to see life in a different perspective. How do they do it? Here are some ideas worth trying.

Look ahead for a great day

We get it. Nobody loves Monday and you can tell that not all of us are looking forward for the weekend to end. Every Monday you can see these grumpy posts in Facebook about how they hate Mondays. The little trick to lifting up your mood is by kick starting your day with a good vibe. May it be Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, or Thursdays, think of the beginning of each day as a fresh start. While things might not go perfectly during your day, you don’t have to look forward to the possibility of bad stuff that might happen. Wake up to the tune of a positive song. Make a good breakfast. Greet somebody a good morning. Smile in appreciation at the traffic officer.

Get into art

Stress is among one of the factors that makes us long for the weekend. A lot of scientific studies show the solid connection between art and stress. Art is cited to be very helpful in alleviating stress and is also a powerful tool to reframe your time and avoid routine redundancies. So instead of sitting in front of the TV after dinner, why not grab a sketchbook, canvas, paintbrush, colored pens, or whatever tools that you think you’d love to get started with.

Go for an early morning or late evening run

Find time for this easy exercise. It not only helps you keep in good shape, but also boosts energy and psychological health; triggering those happy hormones. A quick 20-minute evening run helps ease out any frustrations from work, FYI.

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

Make it a top priority. You need it. You will always have the deadline to chase, the over times to do, the errands to run, but a good night’s sleep can help you accomplish a lot in a day. Sleep is essential for mental alertness as well as physical and emotional health. Try to clock in those 8 hours of sleep and you’ll begin to feel a whole lot better.

Spend time with real people

It is easy to “communicate” with friends through your phone but nothing substitutes real, face-to-face conversation. You need to be around people whom you can talk to about the stress at work, about life, goals, and everything else random. When you begin to disconnect with the social aspects of life, that is when things can begin to feel way off than normal.

Create a home

Home, as we call it, is more than just a house. A home is where love and compassion exist. Having a home means having a place to look forward to at the end of every day. Spend some time into making it your own, make it unique to you. If you truly have a home that you love, there is nothing to run away from over the weekend and there is no sense to live only for the weekend because everyday is a day to look forward to.

Bonus tip:

Break out from the monotony. Do something new, create something fresh on any given day.

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