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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Julia

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Julia

Tell us about YOU! What do you love most about where you're from?

I’m not originally from Austin TX, but it is by far the best place I’ve lived. It has an amazing community of creative people who are so open! Everyone in this town is so ready to let people in and share their art. The photography community is crazy talented, it makes me work hard to be better everyday. I’ve made so many great friends in the year I have lived here. Also the FOOD! Being vegan has never been easier! I can name multiple places I can find vegan queso! That’s heaven on earth.

Where is the most insane place you've traveled to?

I just got back from Arizona and I loved it so much!! The scenery is ideal. I’m always hunting down the desert whether it’s for the warmth, or the cactus, the quiet, or those epic sunsets….I’m really drawn into it. My favorite place in Arizona was Sedona. The red rock was unbelievably stunning, and magical energy the city puts off and embraces is really cool. I went for work, and now I am really itching to head back for a play trip.

How long have you now been pursuing your main passion?

I’ve been working as a photography for 6 years now as a part of my full time day job, but I’ve really been pursuing it as my personal passion for the last year and half. I started being involved in photography at my job with The Gypsy Wagon as their Brand Warrior. I’ve been working as their editorial photographer for 6 years now. When I moved to Austin all of the sudden I had this extreme need to shoot with my own voice and create a style that was my own and this strong desire to connect with people. I really focused on making the right connections, really owning my craft and creating my style….It has all just taken off from there.julia3

Is there a hobby you know without a doubt you'd get into if you had the time?

I wish I could be more hands on with local animal rescues. I am very passionate about being a voice for voiceless. My dream one day is to have my own rescue/sanctuary for all types of animals!

Who or what inspires you on a daily basis, for anything you do?

My husband inspires me daily. He has a crazy work ethic and is never satisfied with coasting through things. He goes above and beyond to be great at what he does, and works so hard to be cutting edge. I think that is so cool! I work really hard to do that! julia5

What is currently the "Next Step" for you?

This year I’m getting into the wedding scene, so I am pretty excited about that. I’m pumped to see what doors it opens, where they lead me, and who I get to meet! That is a pretty major scene to get involved with. Feels like a big step!julia6

When setting major goals, do you usually find yourself on a roll or requiring discipline?

When I set a goal I am all in. I push myself pretty hard until I get there. It’s a pretty easy push. I love what I do, so nothing really feels like I have to have an extreme discipline.

And lastly, what does true beauty mean to you?

Confidence is so key! No matter who you are, knowing yourself and believe in yourself makes you beautiful and makes you stand out! Be kind. Kindness shines out so far! julia4 Follow Julia on Instagram! @juliasoniat Check out her page! SHOP WHAT'S CURRENTLY IN JULIA’S MAKEUP COLLECTION: Makeup Diary Austin Kit Pearl Finishing Dust

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