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Slow Down!

Slow down and enjoy life
“Stop and smell the roses” is an expression, almost cliché perhaps that most of us know all about. It doesn’t take a genius to untangle the meaning of it. To stop and smell the roses simply means to relax, to take time out of your busy schedule and enjoy the goodness that life has to offer. But, with the way we live in our world today, do we all really have the privilege to stop and smell the roses? I know. You are living in a fast-paced world where there is so much to chase – the deadlines, the goals, and even the ride to work. Indeed, it is a frantic world we live in. Everything is moving so fast that we are afraid to breathe and live life in a manner that refreshes not just our body and mind but the deepest depths of our soul. Ever heard of the great meme, “sleep is for the weak”. Very unhealthy. If you keep thinking that life is a race, then it will be race. You will always be stuck in a fast moving ride and instead of finding the time to stop and rejuvenate yourself, you seek diversion. Diversion is not just to be in the form of parties or weekend late nights. It could be a comfort food. A day at the movies. But really, after all of these, does life get any slower to you? You accomplish the goal, you succeed, exit the race, and then what, be happy? It is even likely that at the end of a frantic journey, you’ll be all burned out. Success is supposed to be savored and celebrated. Right now is the moment to think twice. Is your life journey in a way giving you a space to breath? The truth is, the life you have, is the only one you get. It is a necessity that you get to taste every goodness life has to offer and the time to slow down is NOW. If you want to see what happens when you slow down, take a look at a child who has seen a balloon fly in the air for the first time. That, my friend, is a fleeting moment you are witnessing. There you see life in his eyes as he wonders, how’d it get up there? You can bet the child was even wondering how it would feel to be up there. To slow down is to see and feel the moment. Sleep as much as you need for it is a must! Practice a breathing exercise (it'll only take less than 2 minutes!). Drive slower and enjoy the road with the scenery surrounding. Don’t eat too quick just to finish. Chew your food, for the food's sake! Travel and appreciate the things beyond your comfort zone. Set a special time aside out of work to give to your family, friends and yourself. Lay on your bed sometime during the day and do nothing! Drive slow and enjoy life

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