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9 Simple Gestures to Express Love

9 Simple Gestures to Express Love
As good as the word LOVE sounds, it’s not every day that people get to feel or even hear it. Could it be that we are so busy invested in what we do? Or is it the world itself that changes us, making us forget the thing that matters the most – love. Imagine what kind of difference there would be if all (or many of us, at least) did random acts to make people feel loved or appreciated just by the fact that they exist. There are simple things you can do to make people feel special and loved. Up for a challenge? Here are some easy and simple ways to spread love every day, as you please.

Leave a surprise note

A simple I Love You note in the mornings or a hidden “eat well” note to accompany a morning pancake will make your special someone feel, well, special!

Treat a friend to a lunch or snacks on a “normal” day

Instead of only special holidays. Insist that they order the dessert that looks most tempting to them. Grab the check for them!

Pay a friend a surprise visit at work

Bring along a little snack or a small bouquet of their favorite flowers. They will surely love it. Just make sure it’s not their “busy” day at work.

Make a mixed CD with them and you in it

Put in those old pictures along with that person’s favorite music and you will get a teary-eyed “thank you” and even a possible bonus hug!

Offer your skills for free

So instead of them paying a fee for a professional to do something you are capable or knowledgeable of doing, you got their back.

Send them to a get a relaxing massage

Give them a gift card or personally drive them to the massage parlor.

Make some time for them

When you love somebody, busy is just a word and that someone should become a part of your busy life.

Do activities together

Even if it is just a simple activity like washing the car together, doing the laundry together and running together. Do activities together to express love Last but not least,

tell people how much you appreciate them

Simply in a text or on a call. It’s effortless, inexpensive but the most sincere thing you could do to express love. To put into action these simple gestures is not only effortless if you truly care about them, but it makes them feel happy and let’s them know they are appreciated. And somehow, these acts will make you realize how fortunate you are. You will be grateful that you are able to do small things that bring big happiness to people, let alone, grateful that you realize you are actually able to do it. You will be happy to make people happy. It’s a reciprocal formula that never fail to work. Can you add anything to this list? Share your ideas in comments below!

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