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Finding Your Correct Base Shade

Finding Your Correct Base Shade
It's not always easy to find skin tone correct shades without trying them on in person. That's why we offer our easy quiz - Find Your Perfect Shade, and the option of a free sample kit - so you can try before you buy! If you still want to choose shades yourself, use this guide for selecting potential shades and determining which is your perfect match.

Step 1:

Identify your undertone by following the instructions. If you aren't sure what your undertone is, choose your sample shades from two or all three different undertones that you are deciding between. The correct one will become clear when swatching on your skin.

Step 2:

Identify your shade depth by choosing the woman featured that you believe most closely matches your skin tone. If you think you may be between shades, choose one from each level based on your undertone. The correct shade will become clear when swatching on your skin.

Step 3:

Choose your colors and swatch! When you receive your sample kit, take each shade out and swatch on your jawline, beginning with the lightest closest to the center of your face and the darkest closest to your hairline. Do this in natural light, and make sure to stripe enough product in a large area on your jawline. You should see the product on top of the skin, not blended like a regular mineral application. The color that matches your face and chest is your match (The middle color shown here is her perfect match.) Keep in mind your neck will always be lighter so no need to match with this area, just be sure to cover and blend!

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