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Self-Care for a Healthier Mind, Body and Soul

Self-Care for a Healthier Mind, Body and Soul
When was the last time you felt amazing about yourself? Or, when felt like you could conquer anything in life? Like you are the most blessed creation in this planet. Those are probably the times when you are in your top shape; mentally, emotionally and physically. We are sincerely hoping it wasn’t too long ago. That feeling of peace, comfort and bliss that gets you so high you wanted to live this life again and again -- that is something that all of us deserve. Yet, the reality is, life hits us. At times, it hits us hard. Things could get taxing. We tend to forget who and what matters the most.

A gentle reminder: you are your priority

Life can be messy sometimes. We all get those moments where we’re all caught up with work, schedules and life in general. Sometimes, it's just too chaotic it's hard to take a deep breath. The cliché that goes, “stop and smell the flowers” wouldn’t even come to mind. Realize that, yourself is a priority too. Matter-of-factly speaking, you are your top priority. You need to stay in your top shape; physically, mentally and emotionally to be able to give your best shot at everything that matters to you.

Pamper your physical being

Breathe and have some me-time. It will reduce your stress, make you more productive and refreshes your mind to bring back your focus. Here are some ideas:
  • Treat yourself for a DIY mani, pedi and hair treatment
  • Give yourself a long, hot bath to ease out the tension
  • Go for a massage or spa -- you deserve it!
  • Sign up for a yoga class or just simply get back to the gym
Instead of doing house chores over the weekend, why not take some time off and hire someone to do it for you. Then you could go see your friends and go out hiking.

Taking care of your mental health

You probably already know these basics: stay active, eat well, sleep good, exercise and talk about your feelings. These small things may also help optimize your mental well-being.
  • Start your day with a 20-minute routine to stretch, breathe and meditate
  • Rip the benefits of the “Helper’s High” by contributing to a social or community cause
  • Get random. Do a random bus/train ride to a random some and enjoy your time roaming around places
  • Avoid toxic influences and environment
  • Spend time in quietness. Switch off and unplug your tech.
  • Go to the nature alone. Walk in the woods.
  • Set up a club/group (e.g. book club, hiking group)
  • Know that you’re enough

Give yourself some mini-treats

Just because. Here are some ideas.

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Put in some music while you shower
  • Buy your favorite chocolate
  • Learn a new craft
  • Give yourself some skin treats
  • Practice aromatherapy

Make a commitment to yourself for yourself

Now the floor is yours. What are you going to do to take care of yourself? How committed are you to taking care of your well-being?

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