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Revive Yourself Through These 3 Dances

release yourself with dance

Dancer: @loersens

Since almost the beginning of time, dance has been one of the most aesthetically pleasing forms of performance art. Every movement, gesture, step, and sway of the body tell us, the audience, a story. The breathtaking visuals of a dance can evoke a thousand emotions in us. While a dance might be categorized as either theatrical or participatory, as time goes by it has become more fluid, flexible, and open to various interpretations. From a simple and energetic zumba dance to a complicated French can-can, any type of dance can make you feel great inside and out - if you know what you're doing! Once you feel the adrenaline rush and a surge of confidence coursing through your body, you know you've let a part of you free! If you are new to the whole dancing scene, here are three dances you should try out to help you release your inner excitement and full beauty.


Salsa is a highly-energetic and extremely fun Cuban dance which is basically the more exciting cousin of Mambo. Like the mambo, salsa has a pattern of six steps which is danced over eight counts in music. Keep in mind, this thrilling and upbeat dance focuses on turns – lots and lots of turns so be prepared! Of course, you cannot do the salsa without the outfit – all those gorgeous, glittery dresses with different layers and frills will surely make you the apple of everyone’s eye. And speaking of eyes, make sure that your whole OOTD is on point by putting on the new Everyday Minerals’ Salsa Mania Shimmer Eye Shadow. Salsa Mania Shimmer Eye Shadow

Belly Dancing

Pick an outfit that will flaunt and hug your curves because this super sexy dance emphasizes rhythmic belly and hip movements. It won’t be a walk in the park at first, but practice makes perfect! On that note, Everyday Minerals has your back with Practice Makes Perfect Shimmer Eyeshadow. Practice Makes Perfect Shimmer Eye Shadow


Graceful, classy, and beautifully inspiring. There are so many words to describe this universally acknowledged complex yet appearing simplistic dance form. As captivating as it appears, this dance can push you to your limits. All those pirouettes, arabesques, and adages will surely test your flexibility and patience. Don’t let that faze you. Once you’ve nailed all the basic ballet positions and steps, no words can describe the beauty and satisfaction that will radiate from you. In ballet, your beauty exudes from the graceful movement, but that doesn’t mean your outfit and makeup shouldn’t be on fleek. For that all-natural, effortless look, Everyday Minerals’ Backstage Beauty Kit has you covered. Backstage Beaty Mineral Makeup Kit Whether you are passionate about dancing or simply trying a new hobby, it’s important to enjoy and love what you’re doing. Don’t do it for others; do it for you. Your beauty will come through naturally when you realize that you’re actually having fun.

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