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Q&A With EM: Mineral Concealers

QA about mineral concealers
For as long as time we’ve all had days that we wished we looked more perfect. Whether something ugly came up (a zit or cyst) or we stayed up too late the previous night and have natural dark shadows to remind us. These are days we may need a little assistance with looking better than we currently do. Hence, the invention of concealers.

Q: If I wear mineral concealer will I look as if I have more makeup on?

A: Not at all! Our concealers are only meant to cover imperfections to enhance your natural beauty, overwhelm you.

Q: Is it better to apply concealer before or after I put on my foundation?

A: If you have major problematic areas that you want to cover, applying concealer before AND after your foundation is more often than not, your best bet!

Q: Is there such thing as a right way to apply concealer under my eyes?

A: In a way, YES there is. Dabbing instead of rubbing with your brush is definitely going to do you better. Unless you want to irritate your soft skin…big no no!

Q: There are so may shades to choose from, how do I decide on the best concealer shade for me?

A: We have 8 mineral concealers, each catering to 1-2 skin tones, these are described in the details on each page. We also offer 4 Jojoba Color Correctors that work great for larger discolored areas like under-eye circles and old acne scars.

Q: Why should I invest in a concealer rather than just a foundation?

A: Good question! Concealer is completely different from foundation. Concealer isn’t for everyone, but is a must if you have problematic skin (acne-prone) skin. We recommend that you choose one 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation shade!

Q: Any tips on making concealer last throughout the day?

A: A helpful tip here is applying one of our Primers beforehand! Primers are great for setting your makeup and keeping it in place. For more info on these, keep up with our blog for future posts!

Q: Are your mineral concealers going to clog my pores?

A: Absolutely not! Founder and CEO Carina Menzies created Everyday Minerals with the desire of doing away with the nasties and keeping each product with minimal ingredients.

Q: What is a good brush to use with my new concealer?

A: Our Concealer Brush is the PERFECT brush to use with our concealers. Made from 100% synthetic bristles (which are super soft by the way), and a skinny, smooth bamboo handle - this is our favorite match with our mineral concealers.

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