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How To Use Primer Effectively For Flawless Skin All Day

How to use mineral primers?
Primer is more of the secret weapon in the makeup world that fewer know the power of. Most women don’t wear it simply because it’s thought of to be a not so necessary product. However, when it comes to a fully-finished makeup look, primer plays a key role. It’s the first step after applying moisturizer! Starting with a fresh face, the way you go about applying your primer varies on the kind you are using. Our current primers are loose powder, so here we will share tips with using those. First thing’s first. Selecting your shade might just be the trickiest part to the whole process. We offer 6 varying colors for different skin tones. This should serve as a helpful guide. Brown Primer - evens out tan to deep complexions and creates flattering undertones. It smooths color and texture, making your face soft, even, and ready to create your smashing look! Peach Primer - great at cancelling hyperpigmentation - those patches of darker skin - and brings a lovely warmth to medium to tan skin. It creates a smooth, soft, glowing surface, ready for you to create your gorgeous look! Pink Primer - has a hint of pink violet that brings warmth to your complexion and counteracts any sallow undertones in the skin, making your face beautifully ready to create your radiant look! Rose Primer - brings a touch of warmth which makes for a luminous glow in light to tan skin tones. It makes your skin soft, even, and lustrous, ready for your lovely look! White Primer - brightens and evens out skin thats dull or ruddy. Its hint of translucent white smoothes and illuminates, making your skin soft, bright, and ready for your dazzling look! Yellow Primer - tones down redness in the skin, and does an amazing job at covering dark circles. It’s very versatile, this Primer can be used on dark AND light skin complexions.

Now as for the tips…

Tip #1

When applying, swipe in a circular motion with your brush into the lid of the jar then tap the excess off before touching to your face. This ensures even coverage, rather than more powder being applied to certain areas of the face than others.

Tip #2

If you find yourself unsure about a shade go a shade lighter than you think. Darker shades will be trickier to pull off.

Tip #3

Apply primer before any other product, including your foundation shade, but after a moisturizer if your skin is on the dry side.

Tip #4

For maximum coverage, try out our Flat Top Brush. For lighter coverage, opt for our Blender Face Brush.

Tip #5

You don’t HAVE to blend into the neck, but for an occasion that will definitely have a camera lurking, it’s better to be prepped and cover up than be sorry.

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