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Photographer Spotlight: Meet Julia

Meet Julia Photographer
Meet one of Austin's beloved photographers, Julia. No one mixes fun and hard work better than her. She's sweet, outgoing and full of creative passion. And, did I mention she's incredibly inspiring, too? Yeah, she fits the downright "cool" Austinite vibe. What's not to love?!

Where do you take inspiration from while collecting ideas for photoshoots?

For me, I get my inspiration for everywhere! My brain sees things in pictures. When I'm driving and pass something with a lot of greenery/a cool building, I start envisioning how I could capture someone in front of that. When I'm on a coffee date with a friend, I can help but take "pretend" snapshots in my mind to remember the moments. I'm always thinking in pictures so I can remember those sweet moments.

What does your planning process look like?

Planning for shoots is one of my favorite things because this is where the magic happens. After a client books a session, we meet up in person for a consultation to chat about their shoot and their vision. We go back and forth bouncing ideas off- from location, to outfits, to hair and make up! After the consultation, I go home and start creating a mood board on Pinterest. This board is filled with color schemes and just fun ideas for our shoot. If I haven't been to the location the client recommends, I make sure to scope it out beforehand to start brainstorming for our session.

What do you most enjoy doing during your free time?

When I'm not shooting on the weekends, I love just sitting at a coffee shop and reading. I looove just being by myself and also really enjoy the company of my husband, friends and family. When I'm with others I enjoy being outside (lathered in bug spray so I don't get eaten) and of course, trying out a new taco or ten ;) Julia's photogrpahy

Favorite part about collaborating with people to make gorgeous images?

I love being able to meet other creatives and letting our dreams just take off! I get PUMPED seeing my clients come up with ideas. One of my recent sessions with a friend, we shot in the CVS parking lot by my apartment and she saw this old vintage chair by the dumpster and suggested we grab it for her to sit in it. The photo was STUNNING because the light was hitting her and you could just see and feel her joy through the photo. Stuff like that just makes me giddy. I love working with other creative people! Julia's photogrpahy

How has photography affected your personal life?

Photography has put me COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. It's allowed me to try new things. It's allowed me to have courage. Growing up, failure has always been a huuuuge fear of mine- so much to the point where I just wouldn't try new things because I didn't want to look like a fool in front of people/let others down. But with photography, and being the dreamer that I am, I just started trying out these ideas I had. I wanted to grow my business this summer and heard about other photographers doing a Spokesmodel program (someone to represent their business + brand) and so I took that idea and ran with it. I knew I wanted to reach all high schoolers, and not just Seniors (which is what all photographers do). I was timid about doing this because I was scared no one would even apply. But after receiving so many applications, it just seemed like it was the right thing to do! And then I had the idea to hire on some interns to help me manage and grow my photography bizz this summer! This stuff is totally out of my comfort zone but The Lord has been so faithful and has just been teaching me that He is faithful and will provide exactly what I need. Julia's photogrpahy

Best advice you’d ever give an aspiring photographer?

Just go for it! If you're thinking about trying out photography, do it! Don't look at what every other photographer is doing. Be different. Embrace the stuff that makes you unique and that will show in your work- it will make you stand out from all the other photographers because you're being authentic and people are just naturally drawn to real people! Julia's photogrpahy

Do you listen to music while you edit? If so, what genres/artists?

Yes! Or I have The Office playing in the background to make me laugh haha. I listen to more folk/Indie music or if I'm needing a little pick me up I listen to my Latino playlist on Spotify! Still waiting for the day when my hips will move like Shakira... Julia's photogrpahy

And lastly, what is true beauty to you?

True beauty to me is authenticity, joy, and generosity. It's not about being a certain size, wearing a certain outfit, wearing make up or not, it's all about the heart. My mom would always tell me growing up that looks go away but our heart doesn't. I'm drawn to people who are just real. People who can confidently post a picture of themselves just as they are- not filtered, just being themselves! I think we need more people who need to embrace the quirky imperfections that just make us, us. And I think we NEED more people to ENCOURAGE and remind others that beauty is not skin deep, it's the person underneath the skin. Follow Julia on Instagram! @byjuliamarie Julia's photogrpahy

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