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5 Non-Digital Ways to Keep Your Travel Memories Forever

Non-digital ways to keep your travel memories
Memories are what make traveling worth doing. One day, the travels you had will become stories to tell to your future friends, children, grandchildren and who knows, your stories may be passed along from one generation to another. The possibilities could be endless. With that, you couldn’t help but create your own memory bank; something where you can keep those memories safe, forever. In the digital age today, people tend to “keep” their memories on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube or their own blogs. All of these are great, but nothing makes memories more valuable than the tangible things that lets you remember the smell of the food you had, the feel of that train ticket on your fingertips and the camaraderie you had with the locals. You could use some old school ways to preserve these travel memories. Here are a few ideas.

1. Memory Box

Say for instance, you’ve been to a beach in Costa Rica. You got to experience the goodness of the Costa Rican waves, those popular surfing destinations, and the amazing food. Sure you wouldn’t want to forget those times, right? You can create a box where you can put your collection of your stay there. It could be pebbles, seashells, restaurant receipts, bus tickets, etc. One day, when you decide to open the box again, you will surely be like, “Oh, yes! I remember this.”

2. Scrapbook it!

Yes, that sounds very basic and old school but it seems that with this digital age, many of us forget the great feeling of flipping through pages of memories. Collect tickets, photographs, branches from trees, maps, coins and compile them in a pretty scrapbook.

3. Frame it!

Got an extra room in the house in need of a new theme? Or an empty wall somewhere that’s crying out to be decorated? Well then, you could make use of that space now and dedicate it to the photographs you took during your travels. This gallery is something that your visitors will marvel at and, of course, these photographs are great back-ups for the stories you will tell about your travels.

4. Paint it!

5. Create Postcards Forget about buying the generic ones during your travels. Make your own postcards. Create, form a collection, and perhaps give some to your love ones. It is a neat way to keep and share memories with others. Truth be told, the digital age makes it easy to virtually share memories but nothing guarantees that you can preserve them forever while they are online or in your drive. As for paintings, postcards, printed photographs and scrapbooks, you have the leverage to keep those memories for as long as they are wanted.

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