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Mineral Base
If you are new to us, we are super excited to let you know that it's easier than ever to find your perfect base. Here at EM, we’ve revolutionized the concept of effortlessly identifying which base shade is your absolute ideal match, with our advanced naming system for our foundation colors. With this advanced color system, you can easily locate your Base match quickly and easily. These "Real Simple" award-winning shades incorporate everything that you love about our range of bases, offering the coverage you love, with fewer ingredients. Our bases are organized in a way that you can clearly differentiate between warm and cool tones and the level of depth (lightness or darkness) you need. There are seven levels of tones organized from 0-7 based on your corresponding user on our page. Order of tones from lightest to darkest: Fair (0), Ivory (1), Light (2), Beige (3), Medium (4), Tan (5), Almond (6), Bronze (7). They are also organized based on undertones: Golden (W), Rosy (C) and Neutral. Now that you've identified your skin tone based on depth, it's important to identify your undertone to find your perfect match. We know that this can be a daunting task, but we're here to help! Remember not to factor in superficial colors on top of the skin such as red patches due to dryness or rosacea. Visit our Find Your Perfect Shade page to find your true match through a simple step-by-step questionnaire. First remove all color surrounding you. Wear white, wrap your hair up in a white towel and remove all jewelry. Put yourself in natural light, and place a white sheet of paper next to your cheek. By surrounding yourself with pure white, the shade of your skin will be pure and easier to identify. Stand close to the mirror and really look at your skin up-close. What do you see? If you see more blue and pink you are a Rosy (C) undertone. If you see more yellow and green you are a Golden (W) undertone. Hard to tell? Don't stress, you are probably Neutral. Cool shades look best when paired with jewel hues and the grey, silver or rose color family, and warm shades will be flattered by earthy shades, such as bronze, gold or peach. Neutral shades look fantastic with any combination of these colors.


Jojoba base keeps your overall look fresh, even, and bright. Its formula has premium mica crystals for luminosity and jojoba esters for an ultralight buttery feel—completely unique and amazing! The minerals provide full coverage and work with thirsty skin types.


Matte base keeps your overall look fresh, even, and beautiful - without a hint of shine! It offers buildable coverage to give you precisely the amount you desire. Its minerals work with all skin types, from normal to oily, and combination.


Semi-matte base keeps your overall look fresh, even, and with a soft glow. Its formula provides full coverage with a satin finish, soft as silk, and the minerals are ideal for normal skin types. We hope that you find this system incredibly helpful in identifying your perfect base, and that you enjoy our Jojoba, Matte and Semi-Matte Bases as much as we do! Also, be sure to try out our Base shade samples before you buy. Completely customized by you! Xo, Carina Menzies

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