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Must-Have Non-Toxic Lip Lustres

Must-Have Non-Toxic Lip Lustres
INTRODUCING our latest addition to the Everyday Minerals collection, and right in the knick of time for the holidays - our LIP LUSTRES. Yes, we'd like you to meet our 7 unique shades. EVERYDAY MINERALS' ALLURE LIP LUSTRE Allure is an ultra intense, cool pink - great for making a statement in or out of the house. Our bronzy About Jane Austen Luminous Blush - a gorgeous bronzy blush, ideal for medium to dark complexions, but amazing as contouring on light complexions with an iridescent gold luster for added wearable warmth. And, Elinor Lip Gloss - a baby pink shade with depth and iridescent gold shimmer. EVERYDAY MINERALS' BLISS LIP LUSTRE Bliss is a bold, intense pink, a true attention-getter for every occasion. Our Love Me Pink Luminous Blush - a darker rosy pink for the mysterious woman that shows little emotion except when it comes to love… And, Darcy Lip Gloss - a light sherbet shade paired with playful iridescent gold shimmer. EVERYDAY MINERALS' INFLUENTIAL LIP LUSTRE Influential is a cool, purplish shade, giving an ever-so-subtle pop of color. Pair this lip with our You Sand Me Luminous Blush - a fair, cheery pink for the feminine beauty looking for a natural blush enhancer. And, Innovator Lip Gloss - a soft, oh-so-sweet baby pink for a simple pick-me-up. EVERYDAY MINERALS' BEAUTY LIP LUSTRE Beauty is a vibrant pink, suitable on every skin tone, making it a universal favorite. Pair this lip with Laughter Afterwards Luminous Blush - an eye-popping pink, that's an absolute must-have for every social occasion, and working day. And, Elizabeth Lip Gloss - a wearable coral shade with amazing iridescent gold shimmer. EVERYDAY MINERALS' GRACE LIP LUSTRE Grace is a natural, warm pink - a shade you'll never want to be found without. Pair this lip with Good Morning Luminous Blush - a peachy bronze shade that’s just perfect for adding warmth to any complexion with it’s luminous gold undertones. And, Pioneer Lip Gloss - a natural coral pink for a bit of a lip booster. EVERYDAY MINERALS' PEARLS OF WISDOM LIP LUSTRE Pearls Of Wisdom is a natural blush shade, making it great for everyday wear. Pair this lip with I'm Taken Luminous Blush - a simple, staple pink with gold luster that keeps everyone wondering… and looking. And, Pioneer Lip Gloss - a natural coral pink for a bit of a lip booster. EVERYDAY MINERALS' DAILY RITUAL LIP LUSTRE Daily Ritual is a deep pink, one application of this shade will have all eyes on every word coming from your mouth. Pair this lip with Smart For Work Luminous Blush - a purply pink with luminous gold undertones, the best match for the hardworking woman that strives to look her best and feel natural. And, Brave Lip Gloss - a deep pink that brings out the most in your smile.

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