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Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother day celebration ideas
Mother’s Day is coming up, and many of us plan to make the day special by taking Mother out to brunch. Some mothers take matters into their own hands and plan the whole day! If your mother leaves planning to you, here are some things to think about to help make the day lovely for your lovely Mom.

Give Her Something that Means Something

A little present on Mother’s Day is really nice, and it’s especially sweet if you’ve given it some thought. Purchase a card, but personalize it with loving words of your own. If you get her a box of candy or flowers, make sure it’s candy she especially likes, or her favorite flowers. Even better, write a poem or song for her yourself! It’s okay if it’s terrible; she will love it since you made it just for her.

Dress Up

We dress up for special occasions, so make sure your mother knows that honoring her is a special occasion. Of course, some mothers don’t enjoy dressing up, and if that’s the case with your mom, follow her lead. She will know you’re thinking about her and honoring her preferences, and that’s what will make the day meaningful.

Take Her Someplace Restful and Lovely

For a nice change of pace, choose a restaurant where your mother doesn’t usually have the chance to go. Make sure it’s quiet, pretty, and has great food. Wonderful options are in every part of Austin. For a traditional outing, a long-time favorite is Green Pastures. A little pricey, it’s classy, relaxed, and beautiful, with a varied menu. It’s also been around a very long time. If you live in Austin, you and your mom should go there at least once. Some other great possibilities: On the west side, there are Chez Zee American Bistro and Winflo Osteria on West Sixth St. East Side Café is always scrumptious on the east side. To the south is Elizabeth Street Café, downtown is Trio, and Kerbey Lane Café is a tried and true spot up north. All of these (and lots of other great places) have delicious brunches and pleasing surroundings. Note: A yummy home-cooked meal can be a wonderful Mother’s Day treat, but only cook at home if you take care of everything—a pretty setting, all food preparation and serving, and (especially!) ALL the cleanup, meaning leaving the kitchen cleaner and neater than you found it.

Be Flexible

Sometimes things don’t work out. The restaurant loses your reservation or has a long wait, or your mother doesn’t feel well, or the car won’t start. If you have your heart set on everything being a certain way, a problem can ruin the whole day. Instead, be ready to make a change if things don’t go as planned. Switch restaurants, go to a movie, or reschedule the celebration—nobody said you have to observe Mother’s Day on the same day as everybody else!

Treat Her as You’d Like to Be Treated

The Golden Rule rules for letting someone know you value her. Be respectful and thoughtful toward your mother. Appreciate her stories, even if you’ve heard them before, and don’t interrupt, even if she does. Share memories of happy times with her and tell about good things you have learned from her. This day is for love and appreciation. But, come to think of it, that’s the way we should treat our mothers every day. And other people we love, too. Have a wonderful day with the person who brought you into the world. It will be a wonderful day for her if she can spend some of it with you.

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