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Mirror Mirror You’ve Got the Look

How to make a natural day and night look with Mirror Mirror Kit

From Day to Evening Makeup in a Few Simple Steps

We’ve all been there: your long day transitions to an evening engagement with no chance to go home and redo your makeup. Well, here’s good news! You can refresh your look and rev up your sparkle for evening in five minutes. With a few Everyday Minerals essentials and a couple of minutes with a mirror, you can enliven your look and be ready to paint the town, looking as gorgeous at night as you did all day.

Here’s what we used to create this stunning, versatile look for our model:

  • White Primer
  • 2N Jojoba Base
  • Do Everything Satin Eye Shadow*
  • Antique Rose Satin Eye Shadow*
  • Walking After Midnight Mineral Eyeliner*
  • All Smiles Blush
  • Poipular Shores Bronzer
  • Hint All Over Shimmer
  • Adorn Tinted Lip Balm*
  • Edge Buki Bamboo Brush
  • Angled Blush Brush
  • Double Perfect Eye Shadow/Eyeliner Brush
*These products available together in our Mirror, Mirror kit.

First, Create Your Daytime Look

1. For day, you want a simple, fresh look filled with vitality. Good preparation in the morning will also make sure your look lasts all day and takes only a little attention to transition to evening. Clean and moisturize. Begin by cleansing your face with your favorite facial wash and warm water. Apply a light, even layer of moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin from the sun (do this every day!). Wait five minutes. 2. Create your perfect palette with primer, concealer, and base. With an Angled Blush Brush, apply primer to create even skin tone. Remember, primer is best applied sparingly. Use concealer if necessary to cover blemishes or under-eye circles. Then apply base with the Edge Buki Bamboo Brush. Its pointed angle makes silky, even coverage a snap.
White Primer by Everyday Minerals
Light 2N Jojoba Mineral Base
Edge Buki Bamboo Brush by Everyay Minerals
3. Time for eye shadow! Using the wider tip of the Double Perfect Eye Shadow/Eyeliner Brush, apply darker eye shadow (we used Do Everything) to your eyelid and crease. Now apply brighter eye shadow (we used Antique Rose) above the crease, leaving a space between eye shadow and eyebrow. Carefully blend.
Do Everything Eye Shadow by Everyday Minerals
Antique Rose Eye Shadow by Everyday Minerals
4. Add eye liner. Use the smaller tip of your Double Perfect Brush to smoothly apply eyeliner, curving upwards just past the outer edge of your eye for a cat eye look. 5. Apply blush using Angled Blush Brush, sweeping from apple of cheek toward temple. 6. Create gorgeous, sunkissed highlights with bronzer and shimmer. Apply superlight strokes of bronzer under cheekbones, on chin, and along hairline. Brighten high points with a bare dusting of shimmer above cheekbones and on nose and browline. 7. Wrap the look with a sweet and simple tinted lip balm. Adorn Tinted Lip Balm by Everyday Minerals Beautiful! You’re ready for whatever this day brings!

Make the Change to Your Evening Look

When evening approaches, you can use the same products to create a bolder look for lower light. Tip: pay special attention to your gorgeous eyes!

Here’s how to make the transition:

1. First, freshen up. Pat your face gently but firmly with a tissue or face-blotting paper. 2. Lightly smooth skin with a fresh sponge, being careful to avoid eyes and eyeliner. Apply additional concealer if you need it. 3. Quickly renew base by reapplying a barely-there, ultrathin layer. You just want to refresh while maintaining a natural look. 4. Intensify eye shadow, first the darker shade on the crease and eyelid, then the brighter shade above. Apply a little at a time and layer to achieve the depth of color you want. 5. Refresh eyeliner if it needs it. You can make your cat eye more dramatic for nighttime flair! Walking After Midnight Mineral Eyeliner by Everyday Minerals 6. Apply additional blush, but only a little. With a bare dusting on your Angled Blush Brush, freshen and slightly deepen color. You want most of the attention to be on your eyes. 7. Add shimmer to forehead, brow, cheeks, nose, and chin. 8. Refresh lip balm. You’re done! Enjoy your evening, knowing you look dazzling. Mirror Mirror Night Look by Everyday Minerals

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