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If Makeup Were a Soundtrack

Mineral Eye Shadows by Everyday Minerals
If makeup were a soundtrack… we’d spin that record baby day and night. At the start of the day we may opt for a more casual, relaxed sound, perhaps Olivia Newton-John or Wild Belle if you’re a wild child like myself. As the day progresses the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, classic REO Speedwagon, or old school rap may prevail. When day comes close to evening, we may settle on a more upbeat tune to spice up our night or go straight to The Cure for a haunting yet relaxing vibe to end the night. Here’s a little look into our hottest shades in the eye shadow department - six of the best for day AND night looks. Get your makeup brushes out!

Soft shades that correspond with the rhythm of the mornings are:

Everyday With You Eye Shadow Who says pink is just for your cheeks? Have everyone loving your look more and more with this pale rose shade. Great as a base shade on your eyelids or on its own, this pretty pink color can make anyone's look turn sweet and chic.
Everyday With You Satin Eye Shadow
Illuminator Shimmer Eye Shadow Illuminate your look with this one! Perfect on its own or as a base for your next shades for better blending, this shimmery off-white is absolutely a MUST.
Illuminator Shimmer Eye Shadow
Loving Whisper Eye Shadow You'll want to whisper sweet things about your love for this shade once it becomes a part of your collection. One of our smoothest and most neutral shades, those with lighter skin tones can use this shade as a base to help smooth out your eye palette, while darker skin tones can use this shade as a highlighter to brighten up your lid and brow bone area. A definite staple, you'll find yourself using this shade in your everyday look in no time.
Loving Whisper Eye Shadow
Parade Eye Shadow Parade around town and don't be afraid to bat your eyelashes as long as you're wearing this shade. Its light brown color with hints of yellow is a neutral color lover's dream. Unlike other neutral shades though, this shadow adds just the smallest hint of color to offset your eyes and add some fun to any natural makeup look. It’s super smooth finish means you can wear it all day long without having to worry about your eye makeup looking cracked or shiny.
Parade Satin Mineral Eye Shadow
She’s Imaginative Eye Shadow Imagine a more vibrant you with this vivid hue! It's bright peachy orange color perfectly contrasts and brings out blue and green eyes, while still remaining complementary to brown eyes. This bold shade is chromatic enough to stand alone, or it can be easily blended with both darker or lighter shades to add a slight hint of color to your eye look.
She's Imaginative Eye Shadow
She’s Vibrant Eye Shadow Expose your eyes' true vibrance and intensity, no matter what the color, with this soft matte gray shade. Like the color of rain clouds before a whirlwind storm, this hue is meant to show off the striking depth and dimension brewing behind your lids. Accentuate your most alluring feature with this intriguing shade.
She's Vibrant Eye Shadow

Bold shades that call on the magic of the night are:

High Maintenance Shimmer Eye Shadow Like a necessary tone on an artist’s palette, this purply pink shadow can make your eyes into an even more intriguing work of art!
High Maintenance Shimmer Eye Shadow
It’s Complicated Shimmer Eye Shadow Beautiful and complex, bold and sparkling. Why be super simple all of the time? Show the world another side of you—deep, multifaceted, and shimmering in beauty.
It's Complicated Shimmer Eye Shadow
Serendipity Shimmer Eye Shadow An enchanting electric eye shadow shimmer with rich complexity of color, this dusty rose shade is ideal for a feminine ballerina-esque look. Be bold yet graceful.
Serendipity Shimmer Eye Shadow
She’s Desire Eye Shadow Have your lover lusting over your eye look with this light navy shade, ideal for enticing stolen glances. Its smokey gray mixed with hints of blue adds just the right amount of color to give your eyes a mysterious sparkle. Use it in small doses to line and slightly accent eyes, or blend across your entire eye for a more intense look. Make your gaze one that everyone will desire.
She's Desire Eye Shadow
She’s True Eye Shadow This pure clean white shadow illuminates eyes the way they truly should be! As one of our most versatile shades, She's True's glowing tint is great for highlighting your eyes' natural vividness and can be used to lighten other shades for more subtle looks.
She's True Eye Shadow
Sweet Life Eye Shadow Nothing says you're enjoying the "sweet life" like this dark chocolately brown shade. This shadow will add depth and dimension to your eyes with its dark tone and looks great worn as a shadow or mixed with water to create a mesmerizing eyeliner look. It has slight orange undertones to further liven up its dark hue.
Sweet Life Satin Eye Shadow
Artist Tip: Don’t worry about removing your already-there shadow when wanting to go for a bold evening look, just layer over! Hey just for the record, ALL of these eye shadows are available in 2 sizes. YES, so get to shopping!

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