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Meet Lauren With Austin's Own Hey Moon Candles

Meet Lauren With Austin's Own Hey Moon Candles

How did 'Hey Moon' begin?

I had been making ceramics for about 5 years and had a lot of vessels kind of piling up. I bought a starter candle making kit and made a few candles in the vessels I had. Then a good friend (who owns Little Sister salon here in Austin) asked me if I would consider making candles to sell in her shop. That was maybe 5 years ago? I’ve lost track of time!

Was creating heavenly-scented candles always in the cards for you?

It’s been a long road to where I am now. I never, ever thought I would be a candle maker!

At a glance, what does the process of bringing to life one of these look like?

It’s a lengthy process! Every vessel I make I throw on the potter’s wheel. Then I trim off the excess clay, dry, kiln fire, glaze, fire again, then pour the candle. After that, the candle needs to cure for about 2 weeks.

What kinds of scents are currently on the roster?

I’m always experimenting and changing the scent line up. I personally tend to go for really earthy and woody scents so many are in that family (Mesa, Tarot Den, Palo Santo, Wildwood). I also love florals (Dark Rose, Fields, Vetiver), and slightly unexpected fruity scents (Fig Harvest, Pomelo, Bergamot).

Love how one-of-a-kind your hand-spun clay candle vessels are, how did this idea for Hey Moon come to you??

The name ‘Hey Moon’ comes from one of my son’s first favorite songs when he was small, by a band called Speck Mountain. I’m a bit of a music head. I’m a record collector, musician, and I’ve dj’ed a lot over the years, so it felt right name the business after a song.

We also love that you use natural soy wax, was this a first choice for you?

Honestly, I haven’t really considered using anything else. The soy wax in Hey Moon candles comes from US grown soy and is a completely natural and renewable resource. It also burns cleaner with less soot than other waxes. Soy wax is also a good conductor of scent, which is why many candle makers like it.

With our Hey Moon Giveaway coming up, what is your hope for each winner that receives one of these unique candles?

I would like each winner to know how much time and care goes into making each candle! Also, always remember to trim the wick to ¼” for the cleanest burn, and keep the vessel after the candle has burned out. It makes a great little planter. Follow Hey Moon on Instagram!

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