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8 Ways To Make the Most Of Your Weekend

Make the most out of your weekend
You know the moments when you imagined a stress-free weekend but ended up otherwise? So there you go back to your usual Monday - grumpy and unmotivated. If that is the case, you are definitely not alone. Our lives have this silent prerequisite that demands us to keep up, catch up, and not miss out on things. So over the weekend, instead of relaxing, you might end up in the same stressful status quo during your work week. Well, if you really want a genuine weekend reboot, you can try any of these.

1. Go organic bounty hunting!

By this, we mean drop by and support your nearby local market or a farm. Savor the "feel" of being outdoors with the locals and get the best pick of the season! Fill your basket high with FRESH vegetables and fruit. And when you get home, create a rough plan of your daily menu for the next week based on what you bought.

2. Revive your sanctuary.

Yes, a quick cleaning at home and keeping things looking neat. This may sound like a chore (which really is, if you think about it) but it’s a good way to flourish your mind away from the usual. Make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel room. Why not!?

3. Go for a digital detox.

Aimlessly surfing the Web on weekends is not a “refresher”. As a matter of fact, it’s among those things that make life so redundant. So go ahead. Log out of Facebook, Instagram, and don’t even think about opening your e-mails (unless something you know that can't wait is coming in). Give your eyes the pleasure of getting away from the screen for a while. You need it.

4. Pamper yourself.

Go for a massage, visit the salon (or do an easy at-home invention) for a professional manicure, or eat out at the most popular restaurant in town. How about shopping for a new outfit? At the end of the day, enjoy at least an 8 hour of sleep.

5. Be somewhere else or do something else.

How does your usual weekend look? If you notice that it’s been way too redundant and boring, why not go to a random place: a new restaurant, a nearby museum, or even visit a popular hiking spot you’ve never been to.

6. Let those endorphins roll.

If you didn’t have time to exercise during the week, then the weekend break comes handy to let those happy hormones roll. Exercise is not just good for health, but it can also effectively boost your mood. If you’re not up for an actual workout routine at home or a gym, go for a 30-minute brisk walk at the park or a pleasurable hike.

7. Be alcohol-free on Sunday.

If you want a refreshing, hangover-free Monday, then say NO to alcohol on Sundays. Better yet, go for a refreshing homemade fruit smoothie, tea or homemade lemonade.

8. Create a realistic week schedule.

Do you know what makes another week lifeless? It’s in the way you handle your schedule. If you follow a routine that makes your daily life robotic, then somehow you are a contributor to it. There are 120 hours from Mondays to Fridays. If you sleep 8 hours a day, that is 40 hours on the clock, and depending on how many hours you work, that will leave you with how many hours are open to an empty schedule. Where does all that time go to for you? Take a second and think about it. Don't let another week make you feel resentful, unorganized, depleted, and all stressed. Come into your Mondays with renewed motivation and a fresh start to the work week to come.

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