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Love: In Its Various Forms

Love In Various Forms
Love. The word is in almost every song in the history of songwriting. It’s the second flavor to Shakespeare’s works - - next to tragedy of course. They say love gives balance to the world. Interestingly there are so many ways love is defined metaphorically, abstractly and even literally. Merriam Webster defines love as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person, attraction that includes sexual desire, the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship, a person you love in a romantic way. On the other hand, if you have read Helen Keller’s story, you probably got a little emotional when she said, love is something like the clouds that were in the sky before the sun came out. You cannot touch the clouds, you know, but you feel the rain and know how glad the flowers and the thirsty earth are to have it after a hot day. You cannot touch love either, but you feel the sweetness that it pours into everything. Without love you would not be happy or want to play. We get it. People may define love differently. Those who’ve gone through breakups may say love is a painful act. But, did you know that there are different kinds of love out there?


Agape love is said to be the highest form of love as to the kind of love of God for man and vice versa. Its essence lies on core values of goodwill, benevolence and willful delight, not to be mistaken as the kind of relationship with friendly or brotherly love to which is called Philia (you will know more about this next). Agape love is more humanitarian in some form. You express agape love when you give time, money or effort to charity. Agape love is when you may not be personally connected with the person or situation, but you feel oblige to have them in your heart.

Storge love

Familial love (storge, in Greek) is a form of love for parents, offspring or vice versa. This kind of love expands to friends, forms between pets and owners, and flourishes toward companions as well.


The lasting love. It's the kind of love that endures - just like the love developed between couples for over a long period of time or as they say, the this is the kind of love that sticks in sickness and in health. After all, pragma is derived from a Greek word which means mature love.


Philautia means the love for oneself yet, not the self-obsessed, narcissistic type of love. Its principle is to love self so they could give love abundantly to others. Philautia is the kind of love that brings self-respect and joy from your own true values.


Is the type of love for your close bonds between your friends, teammates and people around your circle. Its essence surrounds on deep comradely friendship, the kind of love that fights side by side in battlefield. It’s about loyalty, sacrifices and sharing emotions with the people you deeply care about. People define love differently

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