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Looking Bubbly This Month

Bubbly Makeup Look
Take a break from heavy liner and opt for a more subtle, youthful eye look. Soften the intensity you usually prefer in your blush, and try applying less foundation coverage than usual. Yes, I just said that. We’re going even more minimalist here with these tips & tricks. Pick and choose your cards, but be prepared, heads may turn at your new look.

Less is more.

Don’t forget this, maybe write it in cursive on artist’s paper and tape it to your wall next to the bathroom mirror.

Go light but glossy with lip balm choices.

Our Tinted Lip Balms are as their name implies, tinted so their impact color-wise is more natural looking. The deep qualities of this product lie in the moisturizing jojoba seed oil and murumuru butter that ensure a soft gloss effect. What a killer way to keep your lips naturally soft and vibrant.

Go a shade lighter than your usual for blush.

It’s tricky sometimes to remember purposefully to apply less blush to each cheek, so going a shade lighter altogether is a good bet. Switching from an intense pink like Laughter Afterwards to a more coral-esque blush like Good Morning is a game changer too. Laughter Afterwards and Good Morning Luminous Blushes

Taupe is the new chocolate brown.

Wearing a warm, chocolatey brown eye shadow is quite beautiful on most women and is great for contouring the eyes. However, for the sake of changing it up, opting for a taupe shade like Outdoorsy Gal in our Makeup Diary Austin kit is the perfect choice for bringing out the eyes but looking as natural as possible. On darker skin complexions this shade works amazing as a soft highlighter on the brow bones, too. Outdoorsy Gal Shimmer Eye Shadow

Wear pastel tops rather than the darker colors of your wardrobe.

Try wearing that top from last year with the floral print you wore to an outing then hid away. Or, go shopping! Look for colors that ask for more attention but aren’t “tacky”. You have to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, and love what you buy. Looking slightly different is EXCITING and shouldn’t be challenging for you. If you find yourself struggling here, then you’re trying way too hard and going a bit too far starting out with your new look. So, stay inspired and keep it enjoyable!

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