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Into the Wonderland Day and Night Makeup Kit

Into the Wonderland Day and Night Makeup Kit
It could be that your day is made up of work, meeting, errands or a lunch out with a potential business partner. Whatever it is that you are up to, the important thing is you keep yourself fresh and gorgeous all day. Night comes and there are still more things to do, but what if you are single-handedly caught by insufficient time; no time to go home to freshen up and re-do your makeup; worse, a retouch may be too tight to squeeze in your schedule Then . . . Into Wonderland Day and Night Makeup Kit comes to your rescue. Into the Wonderland makes it easier to transition your day fab into a gorgeous night look. Yes, it’s a quick and easy kit for both day and night glamour. Its sleek packaging makes it perfect for your purse.

Complete the Look

  • Brown Primer
  • It’s Complicated Shimmer Eye Shadow
  • Lady Be Good Shimmer Eye Shadow
  • Chestnut Satin Eye Shadow
  • Polished All Over Shimmer
  • Wonderful Shimmer Blush
  • Jubilee Tinted Lip Balm
  • Rose Almond C6 Base

How to Create a Fabulous Day Look

The characteristics of a perfect day look are fresh, vibrant and something compliments both indoor’s and outdoor’s light. Here’s how to create a naturally polished day look using your Into the Wonderland Kit. 1. Begin by creating the perfect canvas for your makeup. Prep the face by washing it with your favorite facial wash using lukewarm water. Lukewarm water rejuvenates the skin and removes deep-sited makeup residues from the past days. Prep the face by washing it 2. Now moisturize using a moisturizer that has SPFs. SPF in moisturizer is important to protect the skin from harmful elements outside – sun rays, free radicals and pollution. Leave moisturizer on the skin for five minutes. 3. Follow Everyday Mineral Brown Primer application, concentrating on the T-zone. Note that primers are to be applied minimally. Brown Primer by Everyday Minerals 4. If necessary, apply concealers on red patches, blemishes or circles around the eyes. 5. To keep your makeup lasting all throughout the day, cover your bases with Rose Almond C6 using the Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush. Rosy Almond 6C Semi-Matte Base 6. For simple, neutral, but vibrant eyes, use the Chestnut Satin Eye Shadow. For this, use the wider tip of your Everyday Minerals double ended brush. If you don’t have a brush, you can use your index finger for applying the eye shadow. Chestnut Satin Eye Shadow by Everyday Minerals 7. Wrap the look with Jubilee Tinted Lip Balm

Your Gorgeous Night Look with Into the Wonderland

So we are looking to create a quick but bolder look since it is night time. The eyes should be highlighted with simple color shimmers that will emphasize their beauty. 1. A role of thumb before we do this quick touch up is to freshen up the skin using tissue or face-blotting papers. 2. Re-smoothen the skin using a fresh sponge. Do this in a gentle, buffing motion. If need be, apply extra concealer. 3. Re-cover the base with your Rose Almond C6 Base. Apply a thin layer without over doing it. 4. Amplify your beauty with Wonderful Shimmer Blush and contour if need be. Sprinkle a little of the blush using your Tapered Sculpting Face Brush. Apply shimmer into eyebrow corners, cheeks, forehead, brow bone, nose and chin. Wonderful Shimmer Blush 5. Play around eye shadow colors. You can use It’s Complicated Shimmer Eye Shadow or Lady Be Good Shimmer Eye Shadow as standalone shadows or you can blend them for a more playful look. Your eyeliner’s style depends on your mood and the place where you’ll go. It's Complicated Shimmer Eye Shadow by Everyday Minerals Lady Be Good Shimmer Eye Shadow by Everyday Minerals 6. For the final touch, we go for a simple, lasting lip color. Wrap your night look with the Jubilee Tinted Lip Balm. Into Wonderland Night Look by Everyday Minerals You can get the Into Wonderland Kit, featuring 3 baby-size eye shadows and a Jubilee Tinted Lip Balm. Or you can get full-size products mentioned in this blog here.

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