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If You Have Oily Skin...

If You Have Oily Skin...
Having oily skin doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world AKA giving up the shimmery products you love, washing your face to the point of resembling sand paper (is that accurate?!), and saying “I give up” on loving your complexion. Did you know the oils your body is producing for you are actually beneficial? Maybe we need to spend less time complaining and more time thanking!! Great as our oily skin may be for us in the long-run, it’s true there are days when we want to look our best, and intense luminosity or dreaded pimples (that tend to accompany this skin type), are not our version of our “best” selves. So, our top 5 tips for oily skin types… #1

Don’t over wash your face.

We can’t stress this enough. This is a huge no-no. Your oils are GOOD for you believe it or not. They may be in excess, but that’s pure love your body is producing to keep your skin looking radiant and healthy. Stripping your skin down more than necessary can actually cause more damage than good. And, anyway, would you prefer dry skin to your naturally moisturized (literally glowing) skin? #2

Go matte with your blush.

Our Luminous Blushes are tempting and gorgeous on all complexions, however, for all-day, lasting use on especially oily complexions - they may not be the best option for you. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you have to trade in glowy luminous cheeks entirely. Try mixing your go-to Luminous Blush with a complementary Matte Blush. Or, go all in to the domain of Matte Blush. With your natural oil-giving skin, any blush will appear more supple on your skin. #3

Choose Velvet over Shimmer.

Whattt. So, if you’re new to us, you may not know about our Velvet Eye Shadow Collection. It’s the rad alternative to Shimmer, offering a velvety sheen without overdoing it on your already-glossy lids. With shades equally as intriguing, you’re really not missing out on anything here. #4

Try one of our innovative Finishing Powders.

You may get hooked on this phenomenal product. Soft, sheer minerals will glide on your skin, banishing excess shine and perfectly setting your makeup for the day. It works beautifully with all skin complexions, from Fair to Bronze even possessing a “blurring” effect. With 4 tints to choose from, these powders are created with blackcurrant fruit - the ultimate super fruit - soft cornstarch, and mineral pigments, and is best applied as the very last step in your makeup routine. #5

Treat your skin with a good ol’ clay mask.

There are a variety of glorious clays from the earth that have oil-eliminating properties - most being recommended to use only once a week. When on the hunt for these clays, be sure to buy pure* as this is the closest you can be to unearthing your clay yourself! Be sure to do a little research too on the best clay for you, property/price-wise. Let us know what you do for YOUR skin!

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