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How To Use Our Mineral Primers

Mineral Primer by Everyday Minerals
Everyday Minerals’ six Primers reflect Carina’s love for perfecting each and everyone's already gorgeous complexions with wonderfully natural ingredients. The purpose of Primers is to give the face a smooth canvas before any other products are applied, and to help everything stay in place throughout the adventures of your day. Primers are best worn underneath your makeup. Always start with a clean face. If you have dry skin, don't forget to apply moisturizer - it will make all the difference. Let the moisturizer soak in for a good 5 minutes before following with your primer of choice. Here are a few questions we've received about our much-loved primers!

Fan Q&A

Question: Do I apply primer before or after my foundation?

Answer: Good question! So primer’s purpose is to even out your skin tone and provide a “surface” to layer with your foundation and further prolong the lasting quality of your makeup. With that said, apply beforehand.

Question: What is the purpose of primer?

Answer: Primer acts as a first step to allowing the rest of your makeup (foundation, blush, eye shadow, etc.) to go on smoother when applied and last longer throughout the day.

Question: I have mature skin, will primers work for me?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! Primers are for everyone.

Question: I’m African American, which primer would work best for me?

Answer: Our deepest shade is our Brown Primer, which is a beautiful sun-kissed earthy shade, most wearable to darker complexions.

Question: Can I apply primer on my eyelids?

Answer: Heck yes!! All of our ingredients used in each and every product are of the highest quality and Carina keeps things simple. No nasties to worry about!

Question: Is primer ideal for any skin type?

Answer: Not all primers are equally created. Some primers on the market contain Dimethicone which may irritate the skin and cause breakout. Everyday Minerals’ fresh line of primers are formulated without the use of Dimethicone and carefully created with key ingredients to keep skin looking its best, including: Bamboo Extract, which brings a balance and tranquility to skin. Naturally rich in silica, bamboo extract is ideal for shine control. Elderberry Extract, which is a multi-functional super fruit! Their extracts nourish, imparting a fresh and glowing look. Dead Sea Salt, which is a luxurious sea salt extracted and solar dried from the mineral rich marshes of the Dead Sea. It is nutrient rich, containing over 20 different minerals which have a plethora of positive effects on your skin.

Question: What’s the difference between concealers and primers?

Answer: The key difference between the two is how they work. While primer is applied to blur lines and enhance longevity of makeup, concealer must be used to, well, conceal stubborn dark circles, scars or dark spot. Unlike primer that you can apply on your entire face (concentrating on the T-zone, concealer is ideally applied on areas that need to be hidden such as under the eye or onto acne scars).

Question: Can I wear primer with a concealer? How do I apply it?

Answer: But of course, you can! It’s completely perfect to use primer and concealer at the same time. You can apply your favorite concealer after the primer or after your foundation. Be sure to try our concealer and primers.

Question: Is primer a necessity for applying makeup?

Answer: Truth is, primer is optional, but if you want to give more life to your skin and have a makeup that sticks in place all day, then it’s a must.

Question: Do you offer samples of the primers?

Answer: Yes, we offer all of the primers as a part of our makeup sample kit.

Question: How many grams in a jar of this primer?

Answer: We offer Big jar (.17oz / 4.8g.), Mini jar (.06oz / 1.7g) as a part of Believe for Good custom makeup kit, and free primer samples that come in small packets (0.005oz/0.14 gr) - enough for several applications.

Question: Which brush should I use for the primer?

Answer: You can use the Flat Top Brush or the Long Handled Kabuki Brush. Both of these brushes are ideal for this application.

Question: Will the Primer shades add to much of any one color? As I don't know which shade to select.

Answer: All Primer shades are translucent, therefore each your complexion would only see just a bit of color. Do you still have any questions about primers? Ask them in comments below. We currently offer 6 primer shades. What are the different colors good for? Brown Primer evens out tan to deep complexions and creates flattering undertones. It smooths color and texture, making your face soft, even, and ready to create your smashing look! Peach Primer is great at cancelling hyperpigmentation - those patches of darker skin - and brings a lovely warmth to medium to tan skin. It creates a smooth, soft, glowing surface, ready for you to create your gorgeous look! Pink Primer has a hint of pink violet that brings warmth to your complexion and counteracts any sallow undertones in the skin, making your face beautifully ready to create your radiant look! Rose Primer brings a touch of warmth which makes for a luminous glow in light to tan skin tones. It makes your skin soft, even, and lustrous, ready for your lovely look! White Primer brightens and evens out skin thats dull or ruddy. Its hint of translucent white smoothes and illuminates, making your skin soft, bright, and ready for your dazzling look! Yellow Primer tones down redness in the skin, and does an amazing job at covering dark circles. It’s very versatile, this Primer can be used on dark AND light skin complexions.

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