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How To Find Tranquility

How to Find Tranquility
Let’s admit it. It's a world made up of everyday chaos and sometimes finding tranquility can even become a challenge. It is hard to escape the reality that the world we live in as a fast-pace world that makes us chase time. Have you ever - even for one second in your life - thought about finding tranquility or a moment to do nothing, think of nothing and simply just be away from “the usual”? To find tranquility is to find peace, serenity and calmness. It is a way of catching your breath at any given day; to unwind and put on hold of the chaos. How about you begin by walking away from technology and read something that will take you out of reality. Remember how easy it was back when we were children to believe in fairytales? Your imagination might have taken you to distant lands that have never existed. Back then you might have even believed in mythical characters: fauns, dragons and unicorns. Even if you don’t believe in those fairytales anymore, there are surely some good books out there that will help you take your mind out of reality. You just have to find them! And, for heaven’s sake, choose hardbound or softbound. Forget about e-books! Step away from radiation, sit under a tree or in your porch, have a glass of your favorite tea and get to reading. Tired of all the things life has thrown at you? Try taking a long nap. Close the doors (and curtains). Turn off the music. Take a warm bath, have glass of orange juice, listen and enjoy the silence. Go ahead, take a long nap. You need it. Or, simply lie on your bed and listen to soothing classical music. Believe me, this really can work a charm. Just lay there, and think of nothing else but the music Mozart, Beethoven, Bach or whichever classical musician you most appreciate. You might be surprised of the soothing effect that relaxing sound can bring to your mind. Want something new out of your exercise routine? Practice yoga. Alone is even better. The best place to do this is with nature - for instance, at a beach. Yoga offers you the time to turn toward mindfulness. The deepened breaths brings awareness not just to the body but also to the mind. Visit a garden or a plant nursery. It sounds a little silly, but take some time to enjoy the vibrant colors and learn about the different plants. The nursery keeper can surely teach you a thing or two about botany. Better yet, do gardening if you have extra space in your yard. Become a silent observer and see life in a different perspective. Sit in a café (like in the classic movies!). Watch people pass by. From observing others, you can actually learn a lot about yourself. If you want to further disconnect yourself from civilization, go and sit in the grass at the edge of a river or lake close by. To be at a body of water does not only bring serenity but also helps you to think more clearly. The sound of water itself is the rhythm of the lifeblood of the Earth. Sit at the edge of water See about actually watching a sunrise or sunset. There is something about sunrises and sunsets that bring tranquility, peace and serenity to one’s soul. And, take some pictures to capture the moment while you're at it! The truth is, every now and then you will face challenges that will make you feel as if tranquility is almost out of reach. We must remember though, that tranquility is not only found on expensive vacations to a far-flung place. Peace will always begin in you and the little things you do to reward yourself.

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