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Here's A Lesson On Getting Radiant

Here's A Lesson On Getting Radiant
Never before have we been so prone to constant comparison. And, the funny thing is that most of the comparing we deal with comes out of our own heads. It’s true. If we spent more time on thinking positively than negatively imagine where we would be! Training your brain to resist the urge to compare and combat any negative thought that slips in is super tricky, but totally possible. Everyone struggles with feeling “low” at some point. It’s a part of human nature. However, programming your way of thinking might just do you good. Once in awhile we need to unplug. That means social media deleted. For AT LEAST a week. Trust me, this is hugely beneficial. We tend to compare when we see someone to compare ourselves with. So, stepping away from the temptation to look and keep on looking definitely will do wonders. You may not feel it doing you any good in the beginning, but give it some time and your mind will relax and feel so relieved. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Say this to yourself often. It needs to be ingrained in your head. Without your personal beauty lives around you wouldn’t be touched. I know it’s difficult, because yes, everyone is on the ‘gram and we feel the need to keep up with everyone’s lives. But, HEY. It’s time to focus on you. Treat yourself by looking in the mirror and being in awe of how beautiful your hands are, how soft your skin is, how gorgeous your eyes are. You are unique. Tell yourself that and believe it.

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