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The Ultimate Guide To Date Ideas

Date ideas
The act of going on a date brings on a mix of emotions depending on the person; we tend to feel excited, warm and gushy, even impatient or anxious, unsure, queazy. The best dates are the ones we remember having a good time on and the most memorable ones tend to be the more out-there than your usual. Whether you’re looking to change things up a bit or are just starting off on a relationship and want to start strong with amazing experiences, here is a little list of ideas.

Drive-In Movie

Think back to the movie scenes with the rebellious teens experiencing young love in an atmosphere similar to an outdoor car show, often finding it in the back of a truck bed or the front seat of their parents’ old convertible (clearly stolen in the late hours). Perhaps you’ve even experienced the whole thing yourself when you were younger. Today they are much harder to find, but they still exist. Yes, you get the idea. If it looks classy in movies, it’s still acceptable.

Artsy Fartsy

Get creative with your love and make a craft of your choosing together. What to do? There are so many DIY’s you can find online that are easy and work well within a low budget. Mess-ups are expected so don’t stress if your finished piece looks nothing like the picture. As a helpful note, consider whether or not your date will have interest in the craft project you choose. No, he doesn’t have to be thrilled, but it is up to you that you both have a good time.

Planting Time

Indoor plants are so fun to shop for and can really bring to life a room. An extra step in addition to finding the actual plants is looking into unique pots for them, or complimentary decor to sit within the pot like pretty crystals. Think of it like you’re furnishing a home together, exciting, right?!

Potluck For Two

Bringing over goodies to the chosen person’s house calls for immediate casual fun. Try a theme, Thai food only, for example, if you want to stretch your (or his) usual limit, or easy junk food from your local grocery store. Coordinate who’s bringing what, and how many food options you both want. Surprise your love with a dessert that wasn’t mentioned. Chocolate, anyone?

Hiking Adventures

Not only is being out in nature a wonderful activity, but doing something together that calls on teamwork and possible knee scrapes is even better. A test to ya’ll’s compatibility? Yes.

Fancy Dining In & At-Home Dessert

Your place. Take the challenge. Choosing your place over a restaurant hints at the idea that you’re a confident woman, can handle a tricky situation, and are comfortable enough with your love that if you make a mistake - like overcook the potatoes - no biggie. Don’t forget to play soft music in the background, add a bouquet of flowers, dress your very best, and for a fun twist - add in playful table talkers. Date ideas - Lake

Picnic At the Lake/Beach

Okay, picnics are always an option. Whether you make a drive out to a special spot with a gorgeous view, or you have it conveniently in your backyard (easy bathroom access, and weather disaster alternative), if planned well, you and your partner will have a blast! Remember to coordinate the food plan ahead of time, and if you prep everything yourself, well the pressure is all on you. If you have your love bring a few things, you may feel a weight taken off, but in the end it’s your choice! Whichever you choose, you will most definitely show a good time to your other if you are having a good time yourself. They say laughter is contagious, so please don’t be too shy to show your laugh! And, of course, don’t forget our beloved Makeup Diary Austin Kit - a gorgeous palette of earthy, shimmer eye shadows that will give natural definition to your already-smiling eyes - to accompany you on your most memorable days.

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