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Gift Giving

Everyday Minerals Supports Kiva

What Kiva Is:

Kiva is an international nonprofit organization - based in San Fransisco - that has been around for over a decade now. It’s grand mission is to connect people through lending, so that many who are currently in poverty can receive the help they need. Kiva supports people looking to create a sustainable future for themselves, their families, and even their communities.

How We Participate:

As lenders, we crowdfund with others the loan in increments of either $25 or more. The borrowers repay loans and we use the repayments to either fund new loans, donate, or withdraw for use again in our company. And so the circle goes again!

Who We Funded This Week:

Nurbubu calls Kyrgyzstan her home. She is 47-years-old, married and has 6 children. She has vocational secondary education and works hard as a nurse in a hospital not too far from her home. In addition to this, she is engaged in farming; right now she has 27 sheep and 2 horses. She grows and sells beans on a small, but grassy piece of land. This business brings her about 28,000 KGS per month. Hoping to further develop her business, Nurbubu requested a loan of 100,000 KGS from Bai Tushum Bank in order to buy more livestock to breed and sell. Señora Eulogia is a 50-year-old woman who lives in the department of Chuquisaca and the town of Huacareta in Bolivia. She and her husband have two children, both are studying in the primary and secondary level. She is thankful to live in her own house, and wants to start the production of raising corn and citrus fruits, from which she will generate new income to support her family, since she has training in the CETEP institute of technical education. The loan that she has been granted will be destined for the purchase of material and equipment for the production of the citrus fruits, that will help her to generate a good income and have better living conditions. At 38-years-old, Khetam, lives in Dier Al Balah City in Gaza Strip, Palestine with her 4 children and hard working husband. Her husband currently works at a public sector where he earns a low income, barely being enough for their basic needs. With her determined nature, Khetam wanted so much to provide her family with all their needs at home, so she decided to actively help her husband with earning their expenses. She started sewing tapestries, handwoven baskets, and mats. With this creative endeavor, she recently requested a loan to purchase yarns, fabric and other essential tools she needs. Siataata is a 44-year-old mother with 7 children. She currently runs a small business selling taro and bananas in her village in Samoa. She has requested a loan to buy taro roots (seedlings), banana tubers (seedlings), a wheelbarrow, rake, shovel, water tank, and gloves in order to help her continue with running her business. She became a member of SPBD (South Pacific Business Development) in 2012. Twiyubake Acb is a group from Rwanda led by Florienne, is 29-year-old married woman with 2 children, both under the age of 4. This group’s name means “Let us rebuild ourselves”. Florienne has been selling food goods for the past 4 years. The group members together are working hard to improve their standard of living. With the loan they requested, they would like to buy more beans, sorghum and maize to sell. With the profits made from the business, they hope to increase their savings and improve improve their welfare. In this group: Odeth, Alphonsine, Florienne, Vestine, Immaculee, Vestine, Catheline, Donatien, Joselyne, Chantal, Eugenie. Marina is a 31-year-old woman from El Salvador. Growing up, she attended only up to high school. Her husband works as a driver and they have one young son. Marina takes care of the home, and to help her husband with their household expenses, she wants to start a fruit and vegetable selling business on her own. Marina has been funded so that she can make this dream a reality. She wants this business to be profitable and improve in time so she can ensure her only son with a good future. Who we funded this week

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