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Garden Planning for Beauty Lovers

Grow Your Own Ingredients
Chances are, if you read this blog, then you’re a lover of beauty DIY’s. You really care what you put on and into your body, and you want to work with the best possible ingredients. Creating your own makeup and skincare ensures control over what you’re using, but it can go beyond that. You can actually grow some of the ingredients yourself to guarantee true natural beauty. It’s officially time to start planning those summer gardens, and here are a few tips to get you DIY beauty lovers started. Garden Planning - Seeds



Lavender is the ultimate soothing ingredient, and it can be used in a wide variety of skincare treatments (read the benefits of lavender). Direct sow the seeds or buy a starter plant. Lavender does really well in containers with good drainage, and just make sure you don’t over water as they like a drier climate. When you go to harvest, simply cut off every third stem or so, and hang in bundles upside down to dry.


Rosemary is a hardy bush that is especially great in haircare products. In warm to temperate climates, rosemary will grow year round. You can plant it directly in the earth, a raised bed, or a container; it just depends how wild and unruly you want the bush to grow. Give this guy full sunlight to flourish, and don’t plant it a good 6-8 inches from anything else.


Chamomile is another great soothing herb, and it also does wonders in all kinds of skin care. Try to purchase German Chamomile seeds, and this time, you’ll want to get them started inside six weeks prior to transplanting. Grab little pots, fill them with seed starting soil, and simply sprinkle the chamomile seeds on top, don’t burry them. Place the pots on top of your refrigerator where it will give just the right amount of heat to encourage germination. Once they start sprouting, move the plants under garden light bulbs or near a large window, and water every couple days. When you go to transplant, plant them 12 inches apart in a sunny spot. Harvest the blossoms and let them dry out before use.


One of my favorite ingredients for at-home beauty is beet powder. You can use it to make anything from blush, to lipstick, to eyeshadow. Just make sure you pick a red variety when you buy your seeds. You’ll then want to direct sow the seeds about four weeks before your region’s last frost (find your last frost date). They need a deep plot to grow in that is well worked, and free of rocks. The beets can be harvested when they are anywhere between 1-4 inches in diameter. To create a beet powder. Thinly slice (I like to use a mandolin), and bake until very, very crispy. Use a mortar and pestle to grind. Home gardening Happy planting everyone! This post is from our guest blogger Naomi. Follow her blog here for more posts like these!

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