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Freshen Up Your Look This Month

Freshen Up Your Look This Month
With this New Year take a break from your usual routine and opt for a totally new look, that’s still YOU. Go for a new shade in Luminous Blush for a youthful radiance. Apply less foundation coverage than usual, showing your unique beauty and amazing confidence. Even jazz things up with your hair. Wearing your mane the same as ten years ago? It’s time to tap into your creative side. We've gathered a few helpful tips to use as a guide. Be prepared, heads may turn at your new look!

Less is more.

Don’t forget this, the golden rule when it comes to layering makeup. As for clothing…well that’s for another blog.

Blend your lip balms.

Our Tinted Lip Balms are as their name implies, tinted so very light, but eye-catching when worn right. Try applying one shade of your choosing to your entire lips, and instead of stopping there, adding an extra pop of lip color to the center of your lips. Think cupid’s bow. And by the way, the quality of these Tinted Lip Balms are truly amazing, so a little extra, double-dose moisturizing power isn’t such a bad idea.

Line or forego the line when it comes to your eyes.

For those of you who tend to prefer au naturel, trust us when we say Mineral Eyeliner may become your new best friend. It is unquestionably a great way to bring out your eyes, and that is just one reason why you’ll want to consider including one of our mineral eyeliners in your makeup wardrobe. Winged eyes aren’t the only style known to classic lined eyes history. Now if you are already a liner girl, it may seem silly for us to ask you to take a break. However, wearing eyeliner too often to the point - no pun intended - that it becomes a step you rely on, is actually not as healthy to your confidence as you may think. Mixing things up and overall going for a lighter feel to your beauty look is essential to keeping a healthy balance with what you can create with makeup, and just how beautiful you feel inside every day with or without your beauty crutch.

Wear something you only look at someone else wearing.

Yes. That’s right. Not into ultra-feminine dresses because they’re just too little girl childish for you? It’s time to try it out and see just how much younger you feel. Browsing on Insta and feeling a wee bit jealous because she wore that fitted skirt and you feel your legs just don’t compare? Throw that thought out the bedroom window and get a skirt on. Try wearing that blouse from last year you bought on instinct because you saw how “hip” it looked on the model and in your eyes it doesn’t seem to look that exciting on you. Pull on those high rise vintage jeans! Show off that rather loud and printed bag! Don’t be afraid to test your comfort zone and find out how much you can really tolerate feeling good about. Changing up your natural routine and going for a look that’s different, but still undeniably you is exciting and shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for you. Remember, be inspired, tap into your creative side, and enjoy innovation made by you!

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