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Feel Grateful Today

Feel Grateful Today - Everyday Minerals Blog
Sometimes, it is so much easier to want the things we don’t have than to appreciate what we already do have. We live in a world where there is this silent demand to be more: get prettier, get thinner, get wealthier and the list could practically go on and on. So here we are. We try to be more and the consequence is we end up with a mutual feeling that we are never enough and don’t have enough. With this perspective, it is almost impossible to see the great things you already possess. When everything in our head is set to be more and to have more, then we will always look for more. We will never be content and the grass will always be greener on the other side of the fence and no matter how huge the blessings are, gratitude comes rare. To have gratitude in your heart is to hardwire your brains into an invisible positive force that draws more goodness in your life simply by being thankful. When you begin to be thankful for the little things you have, you will realize that you are truly blessed. Start by being grateful for the simple gestures people do for you. A smile and “thank you” to the person who holds the door open for you is enough to demonstrate gratitude. A small tip for the person who served your lunch will greatly make them happy. There are actually loads of things to be thankful for. The fact that you can read this, that alone, is something that you can feel grateful for. Global data suggests that some 774 million people out there cannot read. The ability to be able to read abounds you with wonders to appreciate in books, to be moved by poetry, or to be informed with your Sunday newspaper. The good breakfast you had this morning, the safe neighborhood you live in, your ride to get to work, good health - you know some people only wish they had those. 774 million people in the world cannot read If you have friends who have your back through the bad and good times, a family you can go home to at the end of the day, easy-access clean water to drink, a stable roof above your head, then you have so much in life to feel grateful about. Change your day-to-day living into a different perspective and you will be amazed at the goodness you may have taken for granted. Gratitude requires humility, to see things in a different perspective, and to share your simple blessings with those who don't have them. There is no reason to wait for Thanksgiving Day to feel thankful for the blessings you have in life! Life alone is a gift - Feel Grateful Today Life alone is a gift. At the end of everything, it doesn’t matter how much wealth you have. What matters is the amount of gratitude you have in your life. So wake up every day thankful for a brand new day and live the day with gratitude in your heart!

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