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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Zohara

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Zohara

Hey gal! Tell us a little bit about you.

Hey hey, my name is Zohara. I am half Israeli Moroccan and half Jamaican British. I grew up on the island of Bali, Indonesia my whole life, now for the past 3 years I have been living in New York City. I am a full time model, and the daughter of a photographer and a musician. Because of this I have always been in a creative environment which has now inspired me to create my own clothing line - make sure to stay tuned on my instagram! :) @zohara_even

What does confidence mean to you in this day & age?

To me to be confident is to feel completely strong and comfortable with myself, both mentally and physically. It means allowing myself to be happy with the decisions that I make and not feeling vulnerable to external judgements. Having a good support system of friends and family is so important to boost my confidence level, and I am beyond grateful for that.

How do you face obstacles or personal challenges with grace?

When I am faced with a challenge my first reaction is often to overthink the situation. Recently I’ve learned to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, while I still analyze all my options and outcomes I've learned to give myself some more breathing space and acknowledge that personal growth also comes out of challenges that come my way. zohara even

Life mantra or motto that you swear by?

Personal growth comes from embracing yourself.

What are your tried & true go to activities in the name of self-care?

My 3 go to activities are going to a workout class to give myself a boost, first choice being a Pilates class. Going to the beach with friends, during the day as well as sunset drinks. And last but not least singing!

Which EM products are currently on your wishlist?

My favorite makeup staple is blush, so I’m really excited to try all of the gorgeous ones on EM as well as the matcha antioxidant mask, as skincare is really important to me.

Many of us are definitely going through an uncertain but life-altering time right now, how have you adapted for change?

I’m currently back in Bali and have been using the time to rediscover my own creativity. From working on fun fashion projects with friends, to kickstarting the idea of my own brand called Aicha by Zo. (@aichabyzo) This change in pace externally has revealed a change of internal thoughts and I think this new flexibility and open mindedness is something I will definitely keep for the future. zohara even

And lastly, what piece of advice would you give to someone who may be stepping out to pursue a dream at this time that they have had on hold?

I think it’s important to really understand that there is nothing to be lost for trying. Trying is the first step towards any goal, big or small, and even when the outcome is different to what you aimed for it is a lesson rather than a failure. So as long as you keep a positive attitude, you have nothing to fear, for you can only learn and grow from it.

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