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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Tyler & Luke

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Tyler & Luke

LOVVEEE following you both on your journey on the 'gram. Tell us your story...

Tyler: We started traveling together in 2015 to Australia & New Zealand and lived there for nearly two years. This was of course instead of University or Dance school. In late 2016 that’s where @thetwobohemians was created. A way to show our friends and family what we were up to without having to get on the phone daily. We took a cerbatical from the page until 2018 where we did a few adventures in Europe and decided to pick up the camera again, during our SE Asia trip 2019 was where the brand actually grew from a fun page to a fully fledged business and thus thetwobohemians was born. We did a few cycles of work in retail & hospitiality for a few months, then travel for 6 months before we found our footing into the social media world and made it something we could do together. Its been a crazy journey but in the 9 years of dating we’ve both turned vegan, traveled to 21 different places together, created another business, lived in 3 different parts of the globe, bought a Van and now travel fulltime and make an income of 6 figures doing what we love.

How did you both meet?!

Tyler: We actually met 9 years ago at a dance studio. I was working there and Luke was a teacher, I like to make it cheesy and compare it to step up haha but it wasnt as romantic. We’re both super dedicated to what we do and love it too so we just had alot of fun in the beginning just causally dating until we both realised that life would be way more fun together so we solidfied it and 9 years later we’re still here. Luke: I told tyler she was bad at laminating, which she was and somehow it managed to work. We have always been each others best friends and I think having those first few years together dancing, really solidified our future working in business together. Neither one of us knew how this was going to plan out, we just had loads of fun and before you know it it’s been 9 years! two bohemians

You both have an eye for super visually-appealing photos, how do you work together on content?

Tyler: When we got our first gig we were all over each other, we had no idea what we were doing but because we’re both very stubborn people we had to devise a system where we both have our own roles in the business to stop ourselves from killing each other. Lukes in control of the camera and editing whereas I like to direct and style the photo in certain ways. We’re quite good behind the camera and the process always feels fun. We vowed to always create content we loved and never for the sake of instagram just take photos. Over time we’ve found our niche and love the process of shooting what we do. We don’t always agree on location but 99% of the time we’re pretty happy with the content we create because it feels more like fun rather than work.

How often do you both find yourselves on the road (or train, or plane)

Tyler: As of last year we managed to make it to 12 countries in 12 months, This year was a full year of travel planned (due to COVID-19 plans have been rearranged) but we are pretty much traveling all the time. I’m way more spontaneous than Luke. I like to book flights as soon as I get an urge to leave, pinterest is a huge inspiration for us in terms of traveling. Over the past 12 months we’ve become more conscious of carbon footprint so we try to take as much public transport as possible, it’s not always the easiest way to travel but we care more about our impact on the planet rather than taking the quickest route so it’s worth it. Luke: We prefer slow travel over everything. It allows us to really connect with the people and culture in that place. It also gives us more time to work on our craft and create amazing stuff rather than running around trying to get the perfect photo every-time. I’m more traditional than Tyler, I prefer taking local trains and busses over tourisic transport but thats just me and thats also where we have to comprimise as a couple. two bohemians

Countries have you traveled to together? And by far which was your favourite?

Tyler: We’ve traveld to so many countries wow! Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Norway, Italy, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Finland Malaysia, Spain, Portugal and a few more. I think my favourite so far was Finland. We both love experiencing new places & cultures and Finland was such a winter wonderland in everyway. We spent most days skiiing, eating vegan burgers, laughing, snow sledging, watching the northern lights, horse riding. Pretty much the best adventure trip you could have wanted in such a cool place! We’ve always voted for tropical destinations but this trip really opened our eyes to Europe and actually inspired us to live in Scandinavia for a year. Luke: Sri lanka & Finland are by far my favourites. Finland for the same reason as Tyler, Sri Lanka was just super chill. We went there with the aim of learning how to surf and living digital nomad lifestyle with likeminded people and we got just that. Everyday was dream, wake up, coffee with friends, surf, work, yoga, more surf and all you can eat buffets. We couldnt have asked for a better 6 weeks.

How do you keep a mindful routine & stay healthy while on travel? Tips?

Tyler : We’re pretty self deciplined, a routine was essential when we started working for ourselves and whilst traveling we needed some stability to keep the travels & the business thriving long term. We learned very fast that there’s no such thing as “quick fix” in terms of being mindful and healthy. If you want a habbit to last you need consistancy! One way we keep ourselves in check during traveling is writing down our routine and practicing it everyday for 21 days until it feels normal. It’s about balance too so doing things that benefit your body & mind is crucial. We also fast to help our bodies digestion, we’ve both found this is a great way to cultivate more energy and help with metabolising food more efficently. Our fast looks alittle like this (Luke 12-6pm) and (I do 10-6pm) Our routine looks alittle like this: Wake up at 8am Exercise for 30-1hr 5x a week ( Yoga, HITT, Strength, Surf, Hiking, Swimming etc.) Meditate for 15 mins ( we love the insight app for this) No phones until 10am Work either 10-2pm or 11-4pm depending on project's with hourly breaks. Evening walk or exercise (list above) Eat a salad x1 meal a day Read 20 mins before bed. This is actually really easy for us to keep on track because it’s all things we love to do and it helps us stay balanced and healthy in the meantime. Our biggest tip is find healthy habits you love that suit your way of living and implement them daily. It also helps having someone there to keep you accountable (we do it together most days). twobohemians

Right now is a unique time in our world. Uncertainty is the new reality. What are some ways you are handling your mental health at this time?

Tyler: We take each day as it comes. Being freespirits and social beings it’s been challenging for us to deal with the situation at hand so when we have a bad day or if our thoughts get the best of us we take the day for ourself. I put all work aside for the next day and do the things that make me happy. (Yoga, calling my mum, reading, Netflix) The idea is feel the emotions and let them out, I find talking to be one of the best ways. The worst thing you can do right now is suppress how you’re feeling because we’re all feeling the same. When we admit to how we’re feeling we can move forward to feeling better faster. Luke: Keeping my state of mind as positive as possible. It’s what you give your energy too that matters so staying positive is the best way to keep your mental health as healthy as possible.

Have you had to make any changes or compromises due to our current crisis?

Tyler : 100%. All of our travel plans have fallen through so we’ve had to do a big redirection in terms of locations. We’re focusing more on mindful travel and slow travel more than anything until life becomes alittle more normal again. There’s a positive to every situation.

And lastly, what piece of advice would you give to a couple who may be struggling with finding their peace and going forward with pursuing their own dreams during this time?

Tyler: One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given is “Don’t compare your beginning to someone elses middle” No one is on the same journey as you and even though it may look like your dreams are on hold they’re not! The key is to redirect your attention and focus onto the things you can change & control. Don’t pay attention to what others are doing and just focus on you. Some of the worlds best business came out of crisis so use that to your advantage and change the world one step at a time. two bohemians Follow Tyler & Luke on Instagram! @thetwobohemians SHOP WHAT'S CURRENTLY IN TYLER’S COLLECTION: Pomegranate Lip Scrub Mango + Papaya Cuticle Oil Explorer Lip Gloss Darcy Lip Gloss You Sand Me Luminous Blush Raw Sugar Mountain Luminous Blush Tapered Sculpting Brush SHOP WHAT'S CURRENTLY IN LUKE’S COLLECTION: Sea Berry + Pomegranate Face Oil Hurraw! Chai Spice Lip Balm Even Keel's Brine Elixir Crystal's Mineral Deodorant Travel Stick

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