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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Madison

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Madison

Hello! Tell us a bit about your story.

Hi! My name is Madison, (aka @madauer) and I’m a young creative located on the east coast - I love sharing my passion for neutrals, sustainability and creating an aesthetic thrifted wardrobe through my insta, which I consider a bit of a photo blog. I’m currently exploring different ways to spread my light and creativity through the thrifting community…

How did you initially get into thinking consciously about consuming?

I initially got into thinking about consciously consuming about two years ago, during my senior year of college. I was taking a Reconstructed Image class and our final project was to document and dissect a social issue through digital photography and reconstructive processes (i.e. somehow take the image apart, manipulate it in some way, etc.) I chose to focus on fast fashion as I was just beginning to learn more about minimalism, the fashion industry, and conscious consuming. Through this project, I started to research and learn more about the fashion industry, unethical working standards within big name brand corporations, and the fast fashion supply chain. I took photos of three of my favorite clothing pieces at the time, and edited out the clothing tag to be blank. I then printed these images on cloth and hand-stitched little sayings about simplicity and conscious consumption onto the tags. After this project I had so much more of an appreciation for thrifting, shopping secondhand, and really leaning into curating a simpler closet with pieces I can rotate and love.

Favorite eco shops, currently?

All in all, I try to thrift whenever possible. I am lucky to work at an interior design studio where we also have a small shop, Domain. We have a great selection of curated locally made goods and vintage. Within the clothing sphere, I love Mate the Label for their timeless comfy sets that are also eco friendly. I also love supporting my thrift friends that sell on Instagram. Boheme Goods is a major inspo for me — I would love to create a similar shop composed of vintage and small batch goods one day.

Lessons you've taken from last year?

This past year I learned the importance of slowing down, and taking time everyday to do something creative, whether that be capturing a flat-lay with my camera or journaling ideas for a future collab I want to dream up. Creating truly brings me so much joy, so I try and incorporate it into my everyday.

Goals for this new year???

I love creating goals for myself and they really help me stay on track with my creative vision. I have some collaborations in the works for this year (stay tuned!!), and I hope to create some more personal merch for my shop (tote bags, etc.)

How do you practice self-care when anxious or not at your best emotionally?

Self care is so important to me and a huge part of my daily routine. Usually when I am feeling anxious I do a huge brain dump of everything I am worried about and put it onto paper. This helps me get to the root of what’s creating these feelings. I tend to need some alone time when I am feeling this way, so I make my favorite tea and get cozy. If I’m feeling really anxious I tend to clean (weird, I know,) so I will re-organize a drawer in my dresser or clean while my favorite music plays. It just allows me to re-focus and feel a bit productive.

What do you believe to be your 'Soul's Purpose'?

Purpose is a daunting word for me, but after this past year I have had some time to develop what I believe my soul’s purpose to be. I believe my purpose, at the core, is to bring light to others and to inspire others to be kind, create a curated closet that they feel confident in — no matter what that may look like (neutrals, pops of color, etc.) and to try to incorporate little touches of sustainability into their life, whenever possible. If I can bring a little inspo to the world, that is all that matters.


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