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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Kim


Hey there! Tell us all a snippet about yourself.

Hi! I'm Kimberly, a professional writer and mom of three. I share writing tips, book recommendations for kids and adults, and thoughts on mindfulness, motherhood, and marriage on Instagram and my blog, Talk Wordy to Me. I'm also in the revision stages of my first novel, a historical romance set in the Regency era. I love all things Regency and BBC! In my dreams, I belong on the set of Outlander and Poldark. (Don't make me choose.)

How do you balance being a full-time mom with following your personal passions?

In my book, balance is just another word for perfection--there's no such thing! When you're chasing dreams and babies, nothing is ever going to be perfectly in balance. But being OK with that is the key. If it's a busy week with work, I know I won't be cooking fancy dinners or have as much downtime with my family. And when my family needs me, I know my creative projects will have to be put on hold for a bit. I'm learning to be sensitive to what and who needs my energy and attention most at a given time. Also, using a day planner and waking up before my kids to get a head start is a huge help!

Tell us more about Loom Books. What is the story there? How can women get involved with it?

Loom Journals is a parent-child journal I created with two good friends, Kimberly Stoddard and Tosha Seeholzer. It was born out of a desire we all have to connect more deeply with our children and to invest in our lifelong relationships with them. We believe there is world-changing power in strengthening the parent-child relationship, and that's what the Loom Journal does - weaves us to each other and to the world in love. I've been a journaler all my life, and I have boxes full of all sorts of journals from the time I was 5 years old. Journaling has been such a therapeutic practice throughout my entire life (especially during those tween and teen years!) and we wanted to make journaling more accessible and powerful for people. We pulled in some favorite journaling practices into one place to create an all-in-one journal. It includes the research-backed practices of gratitude, mindfulness, affirmations, and the growth mindset. Journaling can be a powerful antidote to mood disorders and technology overload. We've poured our hearts into this journal to make it a very special, powerful journaling tradition and keepsake for families around the world. Head to Loom Journals for updates on our launch! kimloomjournals2

Are there any tips you could give to fellow women that may also have a vision for bringing into fruition a unique idea, but don't know how to start?

First, I'd say not to worry if your idea isn't all that unique. It will be unique because no one can bring it to life the way you can. Second, starting is the hardest part! Get out of your head and just do it. Start BEFORE you're ready. If you wait til everything is perfectly on place, you'll be waiting forever. The key is to get going. Start wherever you are and give what you can.

Any tips for new moms out there on keeping the peace at home??!

Ha! Call me when you find some! We're in the heart of sibling quarreling right now. I'm praying it ends. I will say that connecting individually is usually the antidote to most problems at home. Give your family members some quality, screen-free eye contact, affection, and talking time every day, and you'll see their behavior and your relationship improve significantly.

And last, but not least! How do you carry out LIVING your vision and inspiring your kids to do the same on a daily basis?

I try to communicate what I'm working on to my kids. Helping them get involved however I can and sharing my excitement about what I'm working on helps them see how hard I'm working and how fulfilling it is to use our talents to create something and help other people. I want my kids to always have the bravery and passion to follow their own dreams. The best way to lay the foundation for that is to let them see me going after mine! Thank you so much for having me. I love Everyday Minerals! Keep up the great work. kimsfamily Follow her fun-loving page on Instagram! @talkwordytome_ @loomjournals SHOP WHAT'S CURRENTLY IN KIM’S MAKEUP COLLECTION: Let's Pink About This Luminous Blush About Jane Austen Luminous Blush Double-Ended Angled Blush & Mineral Brush Pearl Finishing Dust Affection Tinted Lip Balm Jubilee Tinted Lip Balm

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