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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Katie

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Katie

Give us an intro to who you are & what you do.

I’m Katie Randle, age 25. I live in Dallas, Texas in an area called Oak Cliff (south Dallas) and I buy and sell vintage clothing for a living.

We love how you have taken a lead on curating a wardrobe of pre-worn unique vintage pieces on Etsy. How did Rare Heart start?

I started buying, collecting, and wearing vintage pieces in my later years of high school, but didn’t get serious about selling until almost a year ago. I played around on a platform called Depop for a little bit, soon moved on to Etsy and then got a huge jump start by selling at a local boutique Favor The Kind. After selling at FTK for six successful, I decided to venture out on my own. You can now shop Rare Heart at local events and markets, or the web via Etsy and Instagram.



Have there been stellar pieces you've hunted for and just couldn't put up for shop?

I have definitely hoarded many pieces for myself, I’ve got to look the part!

Describe your style in three words.

Statement-making, Classic, Relaxed.

Now how about timeless style icons in history?

Jane Birkin, Stevie Nicks, Cher, Brigitte Bardot, Bianca Jagger, Debbie Harry

Life is always uncertain. What does being a pioneer, in the sense of taking risks, in an uncertain path embody to you?

I worked in retail for years, it was comfortable, steady, health benefits, guaranteed money, room for growth, etc. but it often derailed me from pursuing my true passion, which in a sense caused me to be unhappy. It took a long time to build up enough courage to risk the comfort for entrepreneurship. Playing it safe doesn’t get you very far, taking risks and preparing for failure are what help achieve success. I’m still risking and failing, and have a ton of growing to do.



Define what ‘love’ for what you've chosen to pursue means to you.

Some of the things I love about selling vintage are:
•Eco friendly! I’m recycling and helping others recycle!
•Uniqueness, there’s something so special about owning a piece that someone else loved, lived in and might possibly be the only one of its kind. Being able to find and sell those pieces to others is pure bliss.
•Product that keeps on giving, the great thing about selling vintage clothing is that everything will become vintage eventually!
•Creative expression and freedom!
I get to choose what I buy, where I buy, when I buy, and how I decide to put it out there for the world see.

We all have lazy days. On these perhaps not-entirely-productive days, how do you manage to feel OKAY or an aura of un-guilty peace?

Before I can produce great work, I’ve got to recharge and take care of myself when necessary. The better I feel, the better I can focus on my work.




Follow her rad page on Instagram! @katierareheart
And browse her vintage shop on Etsy!



Pioneer Lip Gloss
Adorn Tinted Lip Balm
About Jane Austen Luminous Blush
Good Morning Luminous Blush
Don't Mess With Texas Eye Shadow
Currant-ly Dreaming Eye Shadow
Come On Clover Eye Shadow
Head In the Clouds Eye Shadow
Outdoorsy Gal Eye Shadow
See Ya On Lamar Eye Shadow
Let's Get Personal Eye Shadow
Rush Hour Eye Shadow

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