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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Jess

Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Jess

Hey love, tell everyone a bit about you.

I am a curious creator to infinity and beyond. I appreciate living as a new born in each moment with an observational perspective of life. There are “3 C’s” I embrace and thrive on, these are consciousness, compassion and connection with all the universe. I am fascinated by, a student in, and teacher of energy work, breath work, meditation, a zen mind, alternative medicine, holographic kinetics and visionary art that shares how boundless we are. I am on a journey of mindful awareness with all my thoughts and actions to maintain a balance and harmony within myself and with the world. I cherish a strong spirit of community, fresh & locally sourced plant based produce, I’m always searching for exotic fruits, looking into the de-programing of limitations and exploring outside the boundaries of the mind. I empower authentic creativity, freedom of expression, fluid natural movement, alignment with the inner child and synergy with the elements. I have been trained in a variety of meditation practices, breath-work, energy work like qi gong, ti chi, yoga, a bridge to spirit, NLP and hypnosis. I share through the company my partners and I created, ‘Syntropy System’ the fruit of unifying holistic therapeutic modalities and mindful life practices for the purpose of expanding connection with the collective consciousness and creating a higher state of unity for the self. My concentration is of energy, life force, the creation of uniqueness, differences and non-duality, magnitude, the ability to maintain a compassionate system in order to be a harmonious action of consciousness with the creative intelligence. I share a comprehensive approach to wholesome well-being that honors and expresses the energies of consciousness. I encourage an abundance of self-empowerment!

What does being at peace mean to you? How do you maintain this state of mind?

Peace is not to avoid noise and chaos. It is to be in midst of all parts of life and continue to be peaceful no matter what we are experiencing. You can maintain peace within while expressing all emotions. Just because you embrace so called “negative” emotions doesn’t mean you lose peace, this is an opportunity to express authentically while being connected to the peace within you. It never leaves, it is illusionary to think so and then this causes unnecessary suffering. Peace is harmony, a balance, a state of being, and a perception.

What does your morning routine look like to set the pace for the rest of your day?

Every rising is different, but few things have become very harmonious for me. Lately I rise and immediately stretch on my bed. I do this very softly with compassion for my new born energy. I do some yin yoga pose and other intuitive stretches I feel in the moment. Then I do about 30-60 minutes of different breath-works. This is very important to be as it centers all my emotions and thoughts. Specific breathing techniques like kapalabhati and so many other techniques release toxins from the body. After breathing I like to sing the tone AUM, this is the sound of the universe, all of existence. Then I do about 30-60 minutes of a yoga, ti chi, chi gong flow. After this it’s usually 10am and I have half a watermelon juiced, then about 10 minutes after that I drink about 4 mangos juiced, then around 1pm I eat whatever exotic, wild, or organic fruits I find or have. Some days I take herbs before eating if I feel like I need to assist my morning and daily detox. Then I go to the beach to ground my feet in the electric earth and flow with mother natures womb, the sea. After for the rest of my day is an unknown adventure. I either work on one of my new creative projects, write, work on my website, programs and magazine. I take breaks to be in nature to continue my creative process. I don’t do much planning, I enjoy spontaneity with a little structure but with an abundance of playfulness.

Something most people don't know about you?

Most people don’t know that I’m deeply devoted to developing super powers like telekinesis. Not even my boyfriend knows this to the extinct that I practice. Most moments I’m trying to move something with my mind. jess22

How do you detox your body as well as your mind from negative thoughts, hurtful setbacks in order to move forward?

I remove my senses and all consumption. In both of these techniques I’m able to lighten and purify my body and my mind of heavy energy that no longer serves me. I begin each deeper detox with only either coconut water or fruits juiced since it takes the least amount of energy to digest and great at assisting a detox instead of slowing it down like all other foods. A normal detox day usually consist of coconut water, watermelon juice, or grapes, lots of spontaneous meditation and breath-work at sunrise and sunset. If my emotions are in need of balance I write as long as needed or dance until I feel the harmony. I don’t resist ‘negative’ thoughts. I accept them without judgment and observe how they came to be. By accepting the negative I transform the effect it has on me.

What are a few of your favorite ways to nourish your body throughout the day?

Fruit & Self Love! Self love is as simple as having compassion for yourself. The way you view who you are, how to talk to and about yourself, what you feed your body through nourishment and through your environment. I do my best to stay mindful, keep my inner child alive and playful. Fruit is a great way to nourish and enhance your energy body and vibration. Any kind of seeded, wild or organic fruits! My current favorites are watermelon, mangoes, logan berry, papaya, blueberries and dragon fruit. I eat as much as I want. I don’t count calories. I eat intuitively. I also enjoy green veggie juices! Eating greens is good but I prefer to juice them to absorb more of the benefits since in the solid form the body doesn’t always absorb all they have to offer.

What kind of positive change do you expect to see in your time?

Connection and Compassion. I see the vegan community doing great things, and so many environmental foundations nourishing this incredible land.

We're all called to play an important role in this world. What do you believe yours is?

I feel our role is to observe but when we act, do it with awareness of the law of cause and effect. My role is no role really, just to practice what I preach. To be connected to myself connects me to everything in existence and in doing this I create compassion for myself and then compassion for all life forms.

Do you believe everyone is capable of making a positive/effective environment impact? Even in their home?

Yes. It’s as simple as having the awareness and then choice. It’s cheaper and pure to be eco-friendly. Any excuse is just resistance to change. You don’t have to care at all, I’m not here to say what’s right or wrong. There is balance and imbalance, just choose. There can be a world of plastic or a world of nature.

Favorite Everyday Minerals products?

I don’t wear makeup often but every now and then I like to play dress up in my fairytale world and love a nice glowy powder to set on my skin. I only use all natural products since the skin absorbs everything just like other organs. Knowing that everything that goes on the skin goes inside of me as well, chemicals is not an option. My favorite product right now you offer is the Golden Medium 4W Jojoba Base. It’s not too light or too dark on my skin and has such a beautiful illumination. It feels light on the skin because of it’s beautiful natural quality.

And lastly, how do you stay inspired to make the most of your day & help to bring out the best in others, everyday?

I stay present. The now is all there is. I find gratitude for everything in every moment, all spectrums of life. I remain connected to my true self no matter what others think. This is the ultimate self love, to have the courage to be you. When we lead by example we are able to show others that anyone can be their authentic self, without shame, with wholesome love. From my heart, to yours. jess23 SHOP WHAT'S CURRENTLY IN JESS’S MAKEUP COLLECTION: Shadow Play All Over Shimmer Raw Sugar Mountain Luminous Blush Good Morning Luminous Blush Good Morning Luminous Blush Bamboo Flat Top Brush

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